Living in Learning is Resource #100 @ eLearningLearning

I’m anxiously awaiting a shroud of balloons and confetti at the news of being number 100. Living in Learning is a new blog that renders rants, raves and ramblings of one who wakes up every day living in learning. Recent momentum centers on the evolution of training departments into business partners who create continuous learning environments. The current of learning matching the flow of business should yield a single velocity where learning and work are part of the same motion. Precious few of us see training budgets increasing. At the same time, more and more of us face justifying continued existence as cost centers. It’s doubtful that trend will do anything but increase.

The days of tracking training activity are long gone. Justifying how busy we are delivering training and pointing to level one and two evaluations as our promise of performance have not gone away – have not diminished in importance; rather, they have become part of something much bigger – contribution to a continuous learning environment. I read about traditional training being dead and/or less important, but cannot buy that line of thinking. However, the danger of training’s importance in the organization is real if the contribution to the corporate mission cannot be articulated in terms of tangible results – results based on measurable, tangible value – results that implant a sustained capability.

Stellar level two evaluations that confirm knowledge transfer in the training context are essential, though not enough. The shift in accountability for the training department is expanding to show that same level of success and that same consistent impact in the work context. That shift does not, nor will it ever, portend the demise of formal training. What is does do; however, is expand the scope of responsibility of the training department into unfamiliar territory – designing learning solutions that are effective on a learning continuum, where most of the consumption of learning assets is downstream from the domain of our formal learning expertise.

In a nutshell, that describes the momentum behind Living in Learning. New competencies are required that move beyond the traditional scope of existing design, development and delivery models. The mission becomes one of creating seamless, frictionless and ubiquitous environments where the right learning is accessible to/by the right learning at their moment(s) of learning need– in the right amount – in the right format – to/from the right device(s). Methinks that’s bigger than ADDIE and broader than knowledge and skills. It is bigger than any one of us as we work in our profession. We (as training professionals) truly are Living in Learning, and as the tagline on the blog reads: Where we think, work and share together – we learn.