Spoiled By Instant Gratification – Fact or Fiction?

What do you have to say about this statement – Instant gratification via the Internet may have spoiled us for anything that is not so instant. Are you there too? For me, it is one of those things that I never really stop to think about. I mean c’mon…how many times have any one of us bad-mouthed the copying machine for taking an entire 30-seconds to duplicate and staple a 100-page document? We are so accustomed to speed, that something that is truly extraordinary is taken for granted…and quickly abused verbally…for taking so long…to clone a 100-page document faster than I could crank one sheet of paper into a typewriter…uhhh…yeah…typewriter…my mistake…that would have been a piece of technology that required human fingers to punch a button for each…never mind.

Take this concept on-line and…oh my…how my patience evaporates. I am a maniac. Since when did two-seconds mark the absolute end to one’s patience? Whaddaya mean? Two seconds is an eternity watching a progress bar progress…or a search-in-progress circle rotate. A couple rotations, and I’m outta there. How patient are you?

Google the phrase “time spent searching” just for grins, and then scan the data you get back. IDC is one of the bigger research houses that state the we humans [in the knowledge worker job role] spend upwards of 25% of our day searching for “stuff”…and up to 40% of the time the “stuff” we find is not what we were looking for in the first place. I was just whining about two-seconds…what about 25% of your day? Those statistics are interesting to me, not because I really had a burning desire to know how much time I waste everyday, but because I needed to know that I’m not so OCD and impatient after all.

This whole line of thinking was triggered by a colleague I just met on LinkedIn who stumbled across my blog. He and his cohorts have developed a graphic that pulls together a bunch of these data points. I found myself validated to scan through it. He asked me if I would like to post it for feedback any of my readers would like to offer. So here’s your chance…your $.02 for free.

Here’s the link:     Instant America

The authors are looking for your reaction to the graphic. And I know that if you’ve read this far into the post you have way too much time on your hands anyway, so why not help a colleague out?

They did a nice job on this. Let ‘em know what you think!