Don’t Confuse READY…With READINESS…

If I had to boil down all my bluster and passion in this blog to a single core statement, it would be this:

Training, by itself, does not drive performance – it drives potential;
…if you truly seek to sustain measurable workforce performance you must go to the Point-of-Work and plan to address diverse Moments of Need with accessible, effective and business relevant solution assets
shaped by Intentional Design.

Point of Work

It’s funny how eight years of blogging can be boiled down into a single statement. Yes, it is only one statement, but it’s packed with a number of moving parts, and those moving part are loaded with a number of implications too – Implications that shape the future of an organization’s ability to sustain workforce capability.

A number of questions… at least to me and a few others with whom I network…come to the surface and beg for answers…not the least of which is:

Who owns the responsibility of enabling and sustaining workforce capability?

I doubt if a single L&D organization steps away from accepting this responsibility. Each would likely say,

“We’re ready! We own this! This is our turf!”

That’s commendable. Love the bravado! But I wonder…how many of those L&D organizations are not only “ready” but are at a “state of readiness” to effectively step up and deliver the mail.

I also wonder how many L&D shops have the chops… a clear sense of scope and charter necessary to sustain an effective continuum of learning AND performance that spans from “Point-of-Entry” to “Point-of-Work” in the context of their unique ecosystems.

I wonder what the answers might be to these questions:

  • Are the right PEOPLE skills and expertise in place in the right roles?
  • Are the right PROCESSES/METHODS in place that enable holistic discovery at Point-of-Work?
  • Are the right CONTENT/ASSETS in the right amount & format to apply at the Point-of-Work?
  • Are the right TECHNOLOGIES in place to enable Moment of Need access at the Point of Work?
  • Are the right MEASURES benchmarked & tracked to confirm not only impact…but sustainability?

The ability to nail down answers to these questions represents minimum cost of entry for any L&D shop that has designs on fully adopting a performance paradigm.

Adopting a performance paradigm smacks of organizational change.  Why? Because not only does L&D incur changes in approach, L&D’s constituency…from senior leaders to operational stakeholders…will incur changes that disrupt long-held beliefs like “Training Drives Performance!”

Scroll back up a reread the first line in my opening core statement…

Unavoidable Truths

The paradigm shift to performance is EXACTLY what the business wants and needs; however, the myth that training drives performance must be crushed first. That means:

  • Stakeholder conversations must change along with discovery targeting root causes of performance gaps at Point-of-Work.
  • Design methodologies become INTENTIONAL based on diverse attributes of Moments of Need and Point-of-Work
  • Content/assets range from live virtual to video to passive micro to human/social collaboration based on attributes of Moments of Need and Point-of-Work.
  • Technology ranges from end-user devices to learning experience to embedded DPS to address Moments of Need at Point-of-Work.
  • Metric & Measures evolve and shift beyond the traditional scope of L&D data points to analytics revealed at Point-of-Work that reveal impact and sustainability.

Adopting a performance paradigm is not optional. Not “IF” you should…but “WHEN”…

Adopting a performance paradigm does not have to be painful.


Hear hard-earned wisdom…Just being ready…is not enough!

Do NOT confuse READY with READINESS – Invest in a Performance Readiness Assessment to identify your gaps and opportunities against the unique attributes of your learning and performance ecosystem.

Engage a Performance Strategy Coach to successfully assess readiness and plot a road map to adoption for a performance paradigm unique to your organization.

Gary G. Wise
Workforce Performance Advocate, Coach, Speaker 
(317) 437-2555
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