PERFORMANCE SUPPORT: Find an Experienced Outfitter Before Attempting the Climb

Living in Learning by HPO

After one Chapter 11 fiasco and three Reduction-in-Force events in the last 10 years, I’ve decided it’s time to join the “gig economy” as a Human Performance Outfitter. With the last dozen or so years dedicated to Point-of-Work Solutions leveraging performance support and technology integration, I will be the first to confess that adoption of Point-of-Work Solutions is not a project…it’s a discipline…a journey equivalent to climbing a mountain. Having personally made the ascent several times there are tips, techniques, skills, tools, and maps necessary to guide you to the summit that only an experience outfitter can provide…a Human Performance Outfitter that is…

Thirty some years in corporate L&D defined for me an awesome journey of personal learning experiences filled with mountain top moments and dark valleys along the way. Regardless of riding high on amazing successes or being redirected by impressive failures, there remained one simple truth – all of these experiences are a result of Living in Learning the whole time.

Living in Learning by HPO

This is an exciting time of celebration, and to christen my gig economy shingle, I’ve launched a new website Living in Learning by Human Performance Outfitters (HPO). Living in Learning has been the name of my blog since 2009, and HPO was established in 2004 after the Chapter 11 shock and awe event that first triggered the self-survival instinct. Now they live together under the same roof.

Please stop by and share your thoughts, likes, dislikes, and ideas about Living in Learning.

As always, I welcome the opportunity to share knowledge and convictions that Point-of-Work Solutions define for us [L&D] a new ground zero for impacting workforce performance and generating sustainable, measurable business outcomes.

Thanks to all of you who already follow Living in Learning, and I welcome first-time visitors to follow the blog as well to ensure you receive notifications of new activities and posts as they happen. Even when we are engaged in our respective jobs we should be Living in Learning as part of our work!

I look forward to your thoughts and comments!

Take good care!


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