Is Your L&D Function Equipped to Be a Disrupter…or a Disruptee?

“Disruption” is getting a lot of airplay of late…and rightly so, even if you only consider the disruption of transitioning enterprise systems (Digital Transformation) to the cloud. The implications to L&D are enormous when you consider the L&D team owns end-user readiness and tasked to ensure sustained capability at Point-of-Work. The question becomes one of “Do we (L&D) aggressively pursue proactive readiness, or…do we react to deployment training shortfalls after it shifts to implementation and the journey to full adoption while bottom-line business value is at a very real risk?”

I’m afraid that if L&D defaults to the latter, successful implementation (where many transformations fail) are greatly compromised. IT will do an outstanding job of testing, validating, fine-tuning, and deployment of the transitioned systems. My question is this, “Is L&D equipped to invest that kind of pre-launch rigor and…more importantly…to post-launch support to the knowledge worker’s in their respective workflows and moments of need?”

I will be part of a webinar hosted by HR.COM with Bob Danna, Laci Loew, and David Miller at 1:00PM on February 21st that concentrates on the disruptions facing L&D when decisions are made to leverage Productivity Acceleration Technology at Point-of-Work. We will share the nature of disruptions facing L&D as well as the organization’s knowledge workers when cloud-based changes to familiar workflows confront them in the workflow. The webinar is titled “Point-of-Work Insights – The New Frontier for Accelerating Productivity & Sustaining Performance”.   Registration link =

We will expand the concept of Moments of Need to include “Tactical” applications within the context of process and task-centric workflows via cloud-based Digital Performance Support (DPS) technology to accelerate speed-to-performance” @ Point-of-Work. And additionally, new cloud-based Insight Curation Engine (ICE) technology will be addressed that handles a dual role as it accelerates “speed-to-insight” for optimizing “Strategic” Moments of Need essential for supporting critical-thinking in the context of informed decision-making. Both of these technologies extend and enable continuous learning at the Point-of-Work.

The webinar will also look at disruptions to enhanced assessment tactics that L&D should adopt to fully address the Point-of-Work as ground zero to optimize “intentional design” of solution assets that enable integration of both Performance Support and Performance Insights into workflows at moment of need. The diversity of roles and workflows require intentional disruption to best practice design that promotes continuity of learning at both Points-of-Work in the workflow as well as during formal training at Point-of-Entry.  

Join us…it will be a fast hour and pose critical questions that encourage due diligence to decide if L&D’s path is to disrupt…or be disrupted as future migrations and associated efforts to enable knowledge worker readiness to perform at Point-of-Work. I also encourage you to join the LinkedIn networking group “POINT-of-WORK Solution Disciplinefor ongoing blog posts and discussions in an interactive forum.

Gary G. Wise
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