Convergence of Learning with Work – Now What?

The convergence of learning with work or “workflow learning” is stimulating a lot of interest over the last few months. That’s a very promising sign for evolving L&D solutions, but at the same time, I’m seeing evidence of confusion around how to optimize this convergence. This confusion was borne out by evaluation comments from the HR.COM webinar hosted by on February 21st where I was a guest panelist. The concept of optimizing knowledge worker performance at Point-of-Work was our topic. Comments indicated overwhelmingly that
“…this was new information I did not already have”, and that raised a flag given that the audience was attended by over 150 HR professionals.

I believe the “new information” evaluation responses were prompted by new knowledge that every organization already has a Learning Performance Ecosystem full of diverse microsystems, each with discreet workflows, tasks, and role-specific performance requirements. Also new knowledge that each microsystem has one or more unique Learning Performance Continuums with unique Points-of-Entry requirements and unique Points-of Work; neither of which lend themselves to accomplishing optimized convergence of learning with work through training solutions alone.

The diversity of optimizing an ecosystem with multiple, interdependent microsystems with training solutions will not sustain workforce performance at Point-of-Work. An initiative to evolve L&D strategy, tactics, and technology represents an entry point for optimizing the convergence already on the table. This “new information” represents different conversations within L&D, from leadership to individual contributor roles, as well as operational stakeholders.

At Learning Solutions 2019 I will share a first look at the “different conversation”, evolved assessment tactics, design implications, and productivity acceleration technology implications critical to putting effective Learning Performance Solutions into the hands of our workforce at their Moments of Need within their respective workflows at Point-of-Work.

Speaker Notification

Please consider joining me at Learning Solutions 2019 in Orlando on March 27, 2019 at 4PM ET for breakout session #809 – “Performance Support: Enabling Productivity @ Point-of-Work”.

If your L&D team is considering the addition of “consultant” or “strategist” roles, this session offers essential direction and emphasis to successful execution within their own Points-of-Work.

Hope you can join me on the 27th of March.

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