SMEs or BMEs at Point-of-Work?

When completing a Point-of-Work Assessment (PWA) we have the opportunity to dig for details specific to task-level work activity and the restrainers of the performance related to that work. Do we rely upon Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) or should we seek out Business Matter Experts (BMEs)?

Another way to ask this question is “Do we want to discover every aspect of WHAT is related to the work, or do we we need to define the WHY and the HOW to achieve successful task completion?” I believe that question illustrates the difference between SMEs and BMEs. BMEs are typically found at Point-of-Work and experienced in task-level execution. BMEs may actually be “exemplars” within the workflow and attuned with the urgency to perform and business liability of risk. From the BME perspective we can see what should be accomplished as best practice and have details of incremental steps specific to task completion. That level of granularity enables intentional design of learning performance assets and delivery technology for moment of need resolution at Point-of-Work.

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