Insight Curation: Are We Accelerating or Protecting Productivity?

There’s a lot of talk about productivity in the workflow these days and a rapidly increasing desire to accelerate it. Makes sense because productivity yields performance outcomes, right? There’s another side to this productivity coin – Protecting Productivity. Can we accomplish that? Why not accomplish both simultaneously?

By now content curation is a well-known activity that is credited for saving time in the search, retrieval and distribution of bulk knowledge/information. The quality of those well-intended distributions, often via email attachments, or postings to knowledge bases, or communities of practice forums, or corporate shared drives, or SharePoint…or…or…or…are somewhat scattered. The aggregate of “time saved” rapidly dilutes as a function of what happens after the distributions are sent/posted and received by knowledge workers. That’s Point-of-Work, and that’s where we can accelerate & protect productivity

It is true, knowledge worker time is saved when a Curation resource searches and retrieves Bulk Information from numerous available Info Sources, (See Figure 1), but what happens on the receiving end of those distributions? What’s missing in this clearly beneficial curation effort?


Figure 1

Our current state processes are operating below the red line as shown in the graphic. If we operate above the red line, we can accelerate Speed-to-Insight by curating those Insights from the 2% of knowledge and wisdom buried in the curated bulk information to highlight Actionable Performance Insights BEFORE distributing the content. Why burden knowledge workers to curate already curated content to extract their own Actionable Insights? To me, that’s a workflow/process improvement that directly protects productive time of each knowledge worker on the receiving end of curated Bulk Information distributions. Is there a solution that enables this productive time saver?

The answer is “YES!”  A new cloud-based technology known as an – Insight Curation Engine (ICE) – enables a scalable solution suited to any role where “Curation” takes place; L&D would be a great example where curation plays a role in sourcing relevant learning materials. Here’s another example that may not be so obvious; capturing Insights from soon-to-retire Boomers with heads full of IP…and extracting those Insights and plugging them into a searchable Digital Brain by Topic and Insights built into Hyperpoints.

In my Point-of-Work coaching business, I’ve been working closely with Pandexio’s ICE for several months and have constructed a Hyperpoint focused on my favorite topic and business focus POINT-of-WORK SOLUTION DISCIPLINE. I’m not easily impressed, but this platform has succeeded doing so. If you would like to see a Hyperpoint live in captivity, I’m willing to give you access via your email addy. I do not work for Pandexio. I’m a satisfied user. I share knowledge. My Hyperpoint is under construction…and it will be forever…because knowledge sharing across an enterprise is never one-and-done.

Ping me off-line if there is an interest, and I will give you a private link to the Hyperpoint. I will not share your email with anybody and won’t try to sell you anything. In future conversations, if there are any, I offer to clarify the why, how, and what ifs that may surface after you’ve kicked the tires on your own. If there is any interest in the platform beyond my knowledge sharing, I can make the introductions with actual Pandexio staff. If/when that step materializes, it’s your call.

Thanks for reading, and as always, if comments or ideas, please share. If questions or clarifications are needed, just ping me.

Take good care!


Gary G. Wise
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