7-Right Things Infographic – Download

7-RIGHT THINGS are core attributes to consider when building Performance Support solutions. Last week InSync Training’ Virtually There Webinar Series hosted “Performance Support: Accelerating Productivity at Point-of-Work” and the 7-Right Things were discussed. Sorry if you missed it, however there is some good news – a downloadable version of the infographic – Click below to download…

 7-Right Things_Infographic H (004)

The 7-Right Things specific to developing performance support solutions are informed by a Point-of-Work Assessment – PWA  and are included in deeper detail during the new PWA Workshop.

I’m a big fan of reducing redundant work and these RIGHT THINGS provide a structure to optimize short-form assets to enable productivity acceleration at the Point-of-Work. Optimization is tied directly to identification of performance restrainers via the PWA. Are the assets as simple as a laminated card attached to an ID badge and lanyard worn by all employees…or contextually delivered via “push” technology running inside an enterprise application like SAP? Or maybe it’s a live conversation via IM with a human support resource. And even better…those Right Things are fully capable of being embedded in formal learning venues.

Feel free to check out the infographic. Would love to hear thoughts an ideas if you care to share!  If curious about the new PWA Workshop, you can reach me on the site or my contact info below.

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