Point-of-Work Readiness Assessment

The Point-of-Work Assessment (PWA) is a discovery discipline designed to examine sources of performance and productivity restrainers in the Workflow. The outcome delivers findings across six categories of attributes limiting optimization of workforce capability. Traditional Training Needs Assessments typically only cover one – People/Capability – in search of training solutions. That’s great…but not enough!

Implementing the PWA discipline requires enhanced discovery skills and evolved roles within the L&D team in collaboration with:

  • Operational Stakeholders & Leadership
  • Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and/or Business Matter Experts (BMEs)
  • Hands-on Performers functioning at multiple Points-of-Work.

This level of discovery is often out-of-scope and beyond traditional L&D skill sets and prompting the most critical question that needs an answer…

Is your team “READY” to pursue PWA methodology…
or at a state of “READINESS” to adopt & sustain PWA methodology?

A PWA Readiness Assessment represents a starting point to establish “current state” of readiness to fully adopt the PWA methodology. In fact, the PWA methodology is the tool used to define current state and provide a recommendation to achieve readiness.

The Readiness Assessment recommendation may suggest:

  • Step-change shift in strategy & planning to re-orient solution emphasis from training to enabling performance outcomes
  • Adoption of agile, intentional design methods & tactics like 5 Moments of Need
  • Integration of Performance Technologies that are capable of supporting Workflow Learning
  • Tracking new analytics that deliver evidence of performance impact & accelerated productivity realized at Point-of-Work and at Levels 3 & 4

A road map to adopt and sustain the PWA discipline needs a current state benchmark. Trying to enable a step-change L&D strategy evolution without accurately defining current state is like attempting to use GPS mapping without the benefit of point of origin.

Is the PWA Discipline right for your L&D team?

We should have an exploratory conversation to discuss options for defining “readiness” to take the first step in establishing a benchmark and planning considerations for CHANGE LEADERSHIP essential for a sustaining step-change in 2020. Click the contact link below to schedule a conversation.


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