If I had the opportunity to be CEO for a day, I’d blow the doors off the existing Learning/Training paradigm and shift my CLO out from under the HR umbrella or create a role and align them as a direct report…with the title of Chief Capability Officer (CCO). Place the CCO over the Office of Workforce Capability (OWC) staffed with a hit squad of Performance Consultants working directly with Operational stakeholders. Start small – then scale!

Why? Seriously…are we in business to optimize learning…or accelerate workforce productivity at Points-of-Work where measurable performance outcomes drive business value?

Let HR train routine checkbox curricula. Let CCO/OWC focus on sustained productivity and performance at Point-of-Work. They work together with CLO resources although with different targets…knowledge transfer (Training)…Workforce Capability (Performance at Point-of-Work). This is not an either or proposition…it’s both. The problem is our existing paradigm prioritizes Training…and that’s not enough…and it does not integrate with Workflows at Point-of-Work where residual Training knowledge degrades almost immediately after Training is completed.

The paradigm shift not only needs to happen at tactical levels with methods AND technology, it needs to be a strategic priority on the same level as profitability. That means senior leadership must sponsor and commit to an evolved paradigm that keys on Performance Outcomes first.

With C-level heads and hearts committed to this singular transformational change initiative, imagine the positive disruptions.

Just a thought to hurl you into the weekend.

Gary G. Wise
Workforce Performance Advocate, Coach, Speaker
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