POINT-OF-WORK: Office of Workforce Capability (OWC)?

Is it time to create an organizational entity scoped and chartered to ensure sustained workforce capability? Is it time to enable performance IN Workflows at Moments of Need found at Point-of-Work? Ask the operational stakeholders if they are after knowledge…or the capability to execute at Point-of-Work to add measurable value to the bottom line. They want results. Their challenge is the blind spot we’ve created by selling the idea that Training drives Performance…so that’s what is typically requested.

Training alone is NOT going to deliver the mail.

Here’s a disruptive thought…create an OWC…a performance consulting hit squad OUTSIDE of HR/L&D…reporting directly to senior Ops stakeholders whose sole focus is to discover performance restrainers and root causes. Let them act as liaisons to HR/L&D and OTHER support entities to build solutions and integrate performance tech to enable effective performance in the Workflow.

We have to change the conversation if we want to shift the paradigm. The shift is a journey not a point solution. Start small and scale the OWC. The OWC acts as a pivot point to engage the right resources to resolve restrainers with the right solution builds. Some may be Training…many will not.

Training alone is NOT effective because it’s NOT enough…NOT at the right time…NOT intentionally designed to affect Workflow challenges…& NOT accessible at the moment of need…and NOT deliverable IN the Workflow because the existing technology does not service Workflows.

Yeah…it’s a rant…again…

Gary G. Wise
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