POINT-OF-WORK: Translate Training Activity to Productivity Impact

Downsized three times in seven years. Why? Because we could not show bottom line value creation and productivity impact. Why? Because Point-of-Work was not assessed to determine what was restraining performance. In other words, no performance benchmarks were established at current state. Instead, solutions were automagically defaulted to training-based and focused on skill profiles, learning objectives, and competencies. Not wrong…just not enough.

The most senior of our leaders had no time for considering changing paradigms from Training to Performance. Sadly, they had time to reduce L&D staff because they were not delivering results beyond proof of activity that was NOT tied to value creation and workforce sustainability. Bonafide cost center were we…

This is a serious blind spot that will persist until we get into actual Workflows and address moments of need inside those Workflows. And enable resolution to those needs IN those Workflows.

(End of yet another rant…)

Gary G. Wise
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