POINT-of-WORK: Ground Zero for Workforce Transformation

Point-of-Work Dynamics

Considering most businesses have a distributed WFH workforce there are multiple transformations that must take place ranging from Cultural/Environmental changes to People/Capabilities; Workflows/Processes; Resources/Information; Systems/Technology; Impact/Analytics; and most importantly, Change Leadership challenges. Easy to see that we face a significant journey to adopt and sustain effective workforce transformation. My question is simple – Where do we begin?

We need to get to where true business value is generated – the Point-of-Work. Given there are many roles and a multitude of tasks that comprise diverse Points-of-Work there is no single-pass discovery effort holistic enough to identify performance restrainers in this mash-up of potential challenges and the measurable outcomes we seek, so I ask again – Where do we begin?

I believe beyond any doubt that prioritized Points-of-Work become our ground zero to define current state based upon holistic discovery to uncover WHY performance is not optimized and/or sustainable. For years I have used the Point-of-Work Assessment discipline in both internal and external roles to enable optimized performance solution design.

We must first identify WHAT is happening…or not…at Points-of-Work and WHY before informed solutioning design decisions can be made. The transformation journey is too long to overlook what happened (is happening) at ground zero.

Maybe it is the curse of my being a Performance Consultant at the core, but I’m convinced if the Point-of-Work is where measurable business outcomes are generated…compromised…and/or lost…then that seems to be the logical starting point. You simply cannot fix what is not fully understood. To that end, Workforce Transformation should begin by assessing ground zero.

Agile solutioning follows then with a fullunderstanding of the dynamics at play within the learning performance ecosystem with a methodology like DRIVER and/or Five Moments of Need.

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