“Confessions of a Performance Ninja”  is now on Amazon

Confessions of a Performance Ninja”  is now on Amazon

The author, Gary Wise, is a largely unsupervised corporate Learning & Development veteran courtesy of surviving twenty years in roles ranging from individual contributor to senior leadership. He spent an additional fifteen years as a hostage who now refuses to fade peacefully into retirement. After leading teams for twenty years in the design, development, and delivery of Training that chased symptoms rather than true root cause challenges…many of which were not training issues, to begin with…he adopted a Performance Consulting mindset. This book journals the adoption journey. That shift in discipline triggered a “strategic re-think” that gave birth to the concept of “Point-of-Work”. When shifting to a new paradigm, a new wardrobe is called for – and he became a Performance Ninja and bought into covert consulting, where wearing black pajamas and cheap sunglasses was routine.
In “Confessions of a Performance Ninja: Optimizing Workforce Performance @ Point-of-Work,” his first book, he shares many confessions regarding his journey in the hopes that others who choose to adopt their versions of “Point-of-Work” do not step on the same landmines. His confessions cover intentional and unintentional successes as well as epic failures. There are some best practices highlighted and other opportunities from which to flee. This is an exciting time for the “Point-of-Work” discipline, and this book is intended to smooth the transition into a productive future for up-and-coming Ninjas. Black pajamas and cheap sunglasses are optional, but they are very cool.