Mirror Mirror is now in paperback on Amazon

Mirror Mirror

All of my beta readers love the story, my first work of fiction. Mirror Mirror is now in paperback on Amazon. Here’s the description of the book.

This story started with events happening during a Halloween party intended to be the party of the century for Sandy Tillman. The event turned out to be considerably more involved and launched her into a complex series of misadventures including a near assault interrupted by a double murder she did not commit. She gets blamed for it and indicted for second-degree murder…never mind that an entity from another dimension pulled the trigger. Never mind the fire she started that burned her best friend’s estate to the ground. Never mind traveling back in time to retrieve another version of “Mirror Mirror” to replace the one lost in the fire. Never mind that a different timeline meant being dropped into a parallel universe where nothing was as it seemed. Never mind a narrow escape through a portal from the county jail moments before going to the state prison for 15 years. If only she had not picked up that damn book Mirror Mirror. If only she had not fallen into that place you fall into when traveling through time. We are left wondering what comes next for Sandy when she finds herself involved in a relationship with an entity she never intended to have. If only she had not picked up that damn book.