“Dreamscape Conspiracy” coming to Amazon by mid-March

This is the first draft at the cover and back cover for my new book “Dreamscape Conspiracy”. Plan to launch on Amazon in a week or so. Welcome thoughts from anyone interested. Thanks!

Author Bio:
The author is a recovering Corporate Learning Performance Consultant, partially retired, largely unsupervised, and with enough time on his hands to write short stories and self-publish fiction novels for Amazon. He is a man who would rather fall into a new story than stand in line for normal things. Guilty of exposing twisted humor and wit in the imaginings that morph from inside his stories, usually from characters he really likes and often at the expense of those he would just as soon punch in the throat. He lives with enough and is comfortably established between corn and soybean in the rolling hills of southeastern Indiana with two girls, Lilly & Boo.
Book Description:
Dr. Cara Williams, a 32-year-old Clinical Psychologist, has a dark secret she fights to repress. Being the lead researcher on a controversial Dream Therapy project called Dream Weaver, she finds satisfaction in her work, that is until an accident in the lab rewrites the rules of Dream Therapy. Further complications surface when the core technology known as Dreamscape can not only capture dreams for analysis but can also transmit previously captured dreams to other research participants. One such participant is Russell Carter, a fifth-year senior who entered college after six years in the Marines as a Force Recon Scout Sniper. Russ has a dark secret too, and it haunts his dreams relentlessly. Because of his past, his self-esteem has taken a significant hit, and his actions while in Afghanistan have made him consider himself unredeemable. Dream Therapy may be a source of relief for him, but he may never get the chance to find out. Devious and deceptive undercurrents are at work to exploit the Dreamscape technology driven by greed and personal gain. Others want to destroy Dreamscape and anyone attached to the research to protect big-money investments in the pharmaceutical industry threatened by Cara’s breakthrough discovery. Cara and Russ both have what the other needs but neither realizes just how much until realities violently rewrite their dreams.

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