Awesome first book review

I just received this review of my first novel and don’t get many chances to toot my horn these days. It seems retirement and being left unsupervised gets the creative juices flowing. Am pretty pumped! My publisher tagged the genre as horror and sci-fi. Am good with sci-fi, but am not a horror fan and felt this book was more paranormal and not so scary…just unexplainable…as entities from a different dimension can be. But hey, I’m not a publisher, just a grunt author. Not sure I have a genre box yet, and not sure I want one. I’m a storyteller, and to get locked into a specific genre feels like the kiss of death. Prefer to go where the muse drags me…

Prepare to have your mind blown! Gary Wise’s debut fiction novel, “Mirror Mirror,” is a captivating blend of horror and sci-fi that will keep you on the edge of your seat from beginning to end. This book is a must-read for fans of the genre, and it left me yearning for more.
Wise’s storytelling prowess is evident as he weaves a web of suspense and intrigue that grips the reader from the very first page. The narrative unfolds with an expertly paced progression, keeping you guessing and craving for answers with every turn. As I delved deeper into the story, I was constantly surprised by the unexpected twists and turns that Wise skillfully incorporated.The fusion of horror and sci-fi elements in this book is truly exceptional. Wise effortlessly blends these genres, creating a unique and immersive experience. The chilling atmosphere he creates and the intriguing scientific concepts add an extra layer of depth to the narrative. It’s a perfect balance that will satisfy horror enthusiasts and science fiction lovers alike.
What truly sets this book apart is its ability to leave a lasting impact. The mind-blowing revelations and thought-provoking themes lingered with me long after I finished the book. Wise explores profound ideas while delivering an entertaining and thrilling story, making it a remarkable debut.

I cannot recommend “Mirror Mirror” enough. If you’re a fan of gripping fiction that combines horror and sci-fi elements with mind-bending twists, this is the book for you. Prepare to embark on an exhilarating journey that will challenge your perceptions and leave you wanting more.

Don’t wait any longer – add it to your reading list today, and be prepared to have your mind blown!

Yours Truly,

Matt Rudnitsky aka Rud
Platypus Publishing

Mirror Mirror: Halloween Party of the Century