8/25 – Glowing New Review on “Mirror Mirror”

This brand-new review was received yesterday, 8/25, and blew me away. Needless to say, I’m pumped up enough to finalize a new novella, “Fear the Jump,” book three in the Dreamscape Conspiracy, and start the fourth, “Dead Thoughts.” I can blame it all on a relentless muse. She’s the creative genius; I serve as her sometimes humbled scribe…

Mirror MirrorRachel Jackson Review 🌈

Title: Mirror Mirror  ✍️Author: Gary Wise

📚Review: “Halloween, a season woven with threads of the supernatural and mystical, finds its narrative embodiment in Gary Wise’s tale. With adept finesse, Wise melds elements of fantasy and mystery—two genres that personally resonate—into a captivating narrative, offering an intriguing premise encompassing crime, time travel, and interdimensional entities. The story serves as a comprehensive entertainment package, inviting readers to embark on an engaging journey. The narrative commences by acquainting us with the central figure, Sandy Tillman, whose life is shadowed by the horrors of an abusive past.

Initially cocooned in the ordinary, Sandy’s trajectory transforms as she arrives at the estate owned by her friend Mel, inherited from her grandfather. A veil of enigma descends upon the tale with their arrival, as Sandy encounters a cryptic book, “Mirror Mirror,” that becomes her conduit to an interdimensional sentinel of righteousness, Paul. This juncture marks the inception of her tumultuous escapades, an odyssey into the realms of the unknown. The narrative entices readers to delve into the labyrinth of intrigue it unfurls. Gary Wise deftly orchestrates the age-old dichotomy of virtues and vices, employing the instrument of a magical tome to weave a moral fabric within this otherworldly tapestry. The chapter titles function as alluring signposts, hinting at the thematic undertones that await exploration.

Amidst the suspense that keeps readers in a perpetual state of anticipation, the fantasy elements continuously engage the faculties of imagination. The denouement, delivered with tantalizing precision, concludes on a precipice, effectively leaving the audience yearning for more. The narrative technique, adopting a third-person perspective, breathes life into a cast of characters whose motivations and aspirations mirror the diversity of real life. Whether it is Sandy, Mel, or Paul, each character resonates as an individual persona. Sandy’s character arc is particularly notable, a journey that ensnares readers in its emotional gravity.