Another New Review of Mirror Mirror on 8/28/23

Booksforbadal’s Reviews – Mirror Mirror: Halloween Party of the Century
by Gary Wise

“Mirror Mirror: Halloween Party of the Century” by Gary Wise takes readers on an exhilarating journey through a web of intricately woven events that begin innocently enough with a Halloween party. What should have been a night of celebration for Sandy Tillman transforms into a whirlwind of unforeseen misadventures, casting her into a complex tapestry of mysteries and dilemmas.

Wise’s narrative skillfully blends elements of suspense, time travel, and alternate dimensions to craft a story that keeps readers on the edge of their seats. The opening act, set at the ‘party of the century,’ serves as a catalyst for the unexpected, drawing readers into a suspenseful tale that unfolds with each turn of the page. Sandy’s entanglement in a double murder she did not commit, followed by an unjust indictment, propels the story forward with a relentless pace.

Central to the story is the enigmatic book titled “Mirror Mirror.” The recurrent refrain, “If only she had not picked up that damn book,” becomes a haunting reminder of the power of seemingly innocuous choices. As Sandy navigates through a labyrinth of timelines, readers are treated to a thought-provoking exploration of causality and consequence.

Wise’s masterful narrative craftsmanship shines through as he seamlessly integrates themes of regret, the interplay of fate, and the tantalizing allure of the unknown. As Sandy finds herself in unexpected relationships and confronts her own complexities, readers are left pondering the nature of reality and the choices that define our lives.

“Mirror Mirror” is a captivating blend of mystery and speculative fiction, inviting readers to contemplate the far-reaching impact of their decisions. With its intricately layered plot and engaging characters, this novel stands as a testament to the power of storytelling to transport us beyond the boundaries of the ordinary. Wise’s tale of misadventures serves as a compelling reminder that within the mundane lies the extraordinary, and within choices lie the keys to alternate worlds.

Mirror Mirror