Confessions of a Performance Ninja – Released 11/7/2022

Confessions of a Performance Ninja: Optimizing Workforce Performance @ Point-of-Work

This collection of confessions and experiences came from 35+ years in Corporate Learning and Development (L&D). This book is a roadmap regarding his journey in the hopes that others who choose to adopt their versions of “Point-of-Work” do not step on the same landmines. His confessions cover intentional and unintentional successes as well as epic failures.

I’ve written this book for use as a field guide of sorts to be used on the job. There are some best practices highlighted and other opportunities from which to flee. This is an exciting time for the “Point-of-Work” discipline, and this book is intended to smooth the transition into a productive future for up-and-coming Ninjas. Black pajamas and cheap sunglasses are optional, but they are very cool.

L&D is currently facing a tipping point, call it a sea-change if you like, regarding the tsunami of digital initiatives infiltrating enterprise workflows, not the least of which is Digital Transformation with exploding cloud-based technology options. The implied changes represent disruptions impacting every corner of the enterprise and every workforce member. Status quo Training strategies are falling short, held hostage by the long-held Myth that TRAINING DRIVES PERFORMANCE. This Myth perpetuates a false narrative that limits effectiveness when we depend on training as our default solution. This book debunks the Myth by going to a new ground zero for Discovery – Point-of-Work.

Is the Myth truly a myth? Yes, because an assumption is commonly made that if Training is completed, work competencies are met to improve performance. However, measurable PERFORMANCE has yet to occur. Why? The workforce has yet to return to their respective Points-of-Work to execute and produce measurable value. Therefore, the only deliverable L&D can brag about is POTENTIAL.

Stakeholders want proof of a measurable impact on the bottom line. Where do bottom-line results manifest? In post-training workflows at numerous Points-of-Work! This book shares many confessions on good, bad, and ugly experiences completing the Point-of-Work adoption journey.

In this book, you will learn about Intentional Design based on a new ground zero – the Point-of-Work by using a Point-of-Work Assessment (PWA) to accomplish holistic discovery over six categories of performance-restraining attributes. You will learn about performance-accelerating technology like Digital Adoption Platforms (DAPs) that make intentionally designed support assets accessible contextually within workflows at moments of need. You will create Learning Performance Solution Road Maps that enable collaboration with ISD/DEV resources and are compatible with Workflow Delivery Technology like the DAP. The book provides access to PWA Worksheets (Excel Workbook) and instructions on completing a PWA.

NOTE: Typical Performance Ninja wardrobe items like black pajamas and cheap sunglasses are not included in this book.