New Release on 9/5/2023 – “Fear the Jump”

Fear the Jump

This is the third book in the Dreamscape Conspiracy Series.

 The School of Psychology at Central State University in Carteret County, North Carolina, is a hotbed of research focused on innovative dream therapy. Dr. Cara Williams is the lead Clinical Psychologist funded to build a team to test the viability of manipulating dreams to positively impact mental health challenges like PTSD, Depression, Bipolar, and other issues many face. As the small research team adds more expertise and new technology, they must dodge outside interference from Big Pharma because dream therapy could easily replace pharmaceutical treatment regimens. When big money is at risk, the value of human life that threatens the status quo becomes expendable.

Several attempts were made in the first two books by Big Pharma to eliminate the research team that has only turned up the heat to the extent one of the companies described the desired solution simply as eradicate the threat. Defections from one of the Pharma companies add to the CSU team, only to become a target of assassination, and any collateral damage caused in the eradication process is deemed acceptable.

AI is introduced into the research team’s toolbox by Zack Hightower, a software engineer and newly hired researcher, to address innovations to leverage the upgraded Dreamscape technology running behind their ultra-successful dream therapy solutions. The significant success on a person living with PTSD, Russ Carter, an ex-marine Force Recon Scout Sniper and husband of Dr. Williams, raises the visibility of the threat the CSU team represents. That sets up a showdown that brings nano-technology designed by Mr. Hightower into play in a confrontation that brings several challenges.

The AI jumps as feared, but it is not what Dr. Williams expected, and it’s unclear how deeply their AI has evolved. Machine learning and the ability to generate AI clones only make matters worse. What is most apparent to me as the author, “Fear the Jump” covers a lot of ground. Still, the story continues and has expanded research on my part to drive deeper development on Book 4, “Dead Thoughts,” where the Dreamscape team keys on that moment in time when the EKG monitor shows a flat-line condition where the heart has ceased beating, but has the brain lingered with trapped thoughts?

“Dead Thoughts” focuses on how much brain activity continues when the heart stops beating…and there are several reasons to scrape the brain with Dreamscape technology for lingering thoughts that may help a criminal investigation or share final thoughts with the family. In other words – book four is coming later this fall.


Gary Wise is an unsupervised writer living as a free-range author under the influence of a relentless Muse. He’s a recovering Performance Consultant of 35+ years convinced retirement is unacceptable and has chosen to redeploy his remaining trips around the sun writing fictional thrillers with a twist of mystery, sci-fi, and some with paranormal hijinks on the side, and not necessarily in that order.

He has written four novels so far under the influence of his Muse. His first, “Mirror Mirror: Halloween Party of the Century,” served as validation for him to listen to his Muse and submit to Her influences. Giving in to Her touch, he pounded out three more novels in a series, “Dreamscape Conspiracy.”

The fourth and final book in the series, “Dead Thoughts,” is under development and should be available later in the fall of 2023. He offers no excuses or apologies for his dry humor and twisted thoughts, often embedded throughout his stories.

He loves to write and willingly confesses, “I love nothing better than to embrace my Muse and disappear into a story with Her and often invade a character’s head or two until their stories are entirely told.”

Proof of his addiction to writing can be found here, lined up on My Bookshelf—where all the evidence is on record in stories that give clues to where most of the bodies are buried.

He lives in peace and is blessed with having enough…planted between corn and soybean in the rolling hills of southeastern Indiana with two lovely women, Lilly & Boo.

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