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What Role Does a Human Performance Outfitter Play?

When you choose to climb a mountain you go to an outfitter before the ascent to prepare properly. The outfitter guides the selection of the right gear, assesses climbing skills, shares best practice techniques, tips, coaching, advice, and a possibly a map to the summit.  Choosing an outfitter who is an accomplished climber and experienced guide makes for good practice…even before establishing base camp on the mountain of your choice.

Integrating Point-of-Work Assessment – PWA Methdology, to the point of full adoption represents a Change journey not unlike that of scaling a mountain to reach the summit. Engaging an experienced human performance outfitter before attempting the climb should be a routine part of assessing readiness to climb and thorough skill and technique preparation.

HPO has successfully reached this lofty new summit multiple times over the last 12 years. Each ascent was different. In fact, HPO developed a PWA methodology to establish a current state of readiness…a base camp…from which a map to the summit can be developed. PWA is scalable enough to serve scenarios where the climb represents anything from an enterprise-wide initiative…to a simple training project request…to introduction of new enterprise-wide learning technology.

  • Human Performance Outfitters focuses on Productivity Acceleration born out of corporate Learning & Development experiences spanning over thirty years.
  • Gary Wise is the founder and principal Productivity Acceleration Strategist, Coach, & Speaker with an extensive background in the integration of Point-of-Work strategy, performance consulting tactics and Point-of-Work technology.
  • Mr. Wise advocated adoption of an evolved Point-of-Work paradigm with technology into organizations that include Astra Zeneca; Roche Diagnostics; Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center; National Heritage Foundation; Xerox Global Learning Services for HR Finance & Payment Services; and multiple Customer Care Capability Centers [Call Center Operations].
  • Certified as a Six Sigma Green Belt and Human Performance Improvement – HPI, Mr. Wise is also active as a speaker at many national training and talent conferences, and author of an informative blog, Living in Learning, focusing on the adoption of the Point-of-Work Paradigm that embraces Point-of-Work as ground zero.

Engage HPO for Productivity Acceleration Strategy Coaching and as a resource to assess L&D team readiness to pursue adoption of Point-of-Work Solution Discipline and potential Point-of-Work technology integration.

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