Learning Agility: Re-Invention with Performer Support

Last November I had the privilege of participating in a panel of experts at the Learning 2008 Conference sponsored by Elliott Masie in Orlando. The focus of the panel, moderated by Dr. Conrad Gottfredson and Bob Mosher, zeroed in on best practices intended to improve accessibility of learning to learners in their moments of learning need. I sat with three other CLO-type learning leaders from Bank of America, Disney, and Sprint. After sitting on a similar panel the previous year, I noticed immediately that the role played by just-in-time learning…

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Get Your Paws Off My Training Budget

Don’t you wish you could say that? Don’t you wish leadership could understand and value the contribution that your training department makes? Don’t you wish that justifying your existence did not become a distraction to your departmental mission and divert precious time and resources away from being productive? Why can’t they see it? (more…)

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High Velocity Learning

The phrase living in learning has relevance for each of us since we are engaged in the process of learning nearly every waking minute of our lives.  Sometimes we encounter learning moments with premeditated intent - need to take an e-learning course on "X" to renew a certification.  Other times we learn despite having no conscious desire to acquire learning at all - never again will I pee on an electric fence.  (more…)

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