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7-Right Things Infographic – Download

7-RIGHT THINGS are core attributes to consider when building Performance Support solutions. Last week InSync Training' Virtually There Webinar Series hosted "Performance Support: Accelerating Productivity at Point-of-Work" and the 7-Right Things were discussed. Sorry if you missed it, however there is some good news - a downloadable version of the infographic - Click below to download... (more…)

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POINT-of-WORK: Strategic Transformational Change VS. Tactical Redeployment

Point-of-Work Dynamics

For the last ten years of conference presentations, I’ve walked away from each with positive reinforcement, buoyed by live comments and post-session evaluation scores. Receiving verbatim comments on evaluations like “Best session of this conference!” make a body feel good…especially after being plugged into a last day time slot. That kind of feedback tells me the message promoting pursuit of adopting of a Point-of-Work Discipline is the right one. However, I’ve now decided the message is shared with the wrong audience. Not “wrong” in the sense of tactical ability or…

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7-Right Things for Intentional Design to Be Intentional Enough

Whenever I speak at conferences and on webinars the phrase intentional design immediately triggers a comparison with instructional design…and rightly so, because it has everything to do with instructional design skills. The difference implies taking those ID skills and applying intentionality to the design process. More specifically, intentionality toward supporting knowledge workers at their moments of need and at their diverse Points-of-Work. The biggest reveal is that intentional design encompasses much more than simply content. Taking this larger scope into account, there is a direct impact on whether intentionally design…

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Is Your Culture Hard-Wired for Performance or a Catalyst for Dysfunction?

<Rant Warning> Here’s an icebreaker for the next C-suite pow-wow in your organization. With all the CXO roles present around the table, and each having a single sheet of paper, ask them to complete this sentence with one or two words. “I would characterize our organization as one operating in a culture of ___________.” Have each put their answers on the paper…no cheating…no cross-conversation…no looking at your neighbor’s answer…fold the sheet in half and pass it to the “C” person on their left. Then have each person read aloud what’s…

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Insight Curation: Are We Accelerating or Protecting Productivity?

There’s a lot of talk about productivity in the workflow these days and a rapidly increasing desire to accelerate it. Makes sense because productivity yields performance outcomes, right? There’s another side to this productivity coin - Protecting Productivity. Can we accomplish that? Why not accomplish both simultaneously? (more…)

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POINT-of-WORK ASSESSMENT: Analytics & Impact

In this final snippet of the Point-of-Work Assessment methodology we focus on assessing the attributes of Impact & Analytics. Traditionally, we (L&D) do an excellent job of evaluating at Level 1 and often at Level 2 to document successful learning interventions. In reality, those evaluations only represent POTENTIAL since none of our participants have delivered any tangible business value or impact at Levels 3 & 4 which only manifest at Point-of-Work. Often, Levels 3 & 4 are defined in general, non-specific terms and represent a challenge when the business is…

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A Solution to Admiring the Problems of Current State L&D?

In my current coaching “gig”, I’m blessed with plenty of time to troll networking sites to read a diversity of thoughts and ideas shared by other L&D professionals. This morning I ran back through a thread of comments I’ve been tangled up in from an earlier post on my favorite topic and current passion - Point-of-Work. As is often the case, a question morphed into my head triggered by the increasing conversations of others lamenting why L&D is so resistant to Change…Change specific to adopting an evolved paradigm that keys…

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POINT-of-WORK ASSESSMENT:  Systems & Technology

In this snippet of the Point-of-Work Assessment methodology we focus on Systems (which may include multiple enterprise systems, software apps, and "human" systems) utilized to accomplish work…and…Technology utilized by Knowledge Workers as they accomplish task-level work activity that requires interfacing with any combination of their work systems (which may include mobile phones, tablets, desk-top computer, and other hand-held devices). Productivity Acceleration Technology and the implications to L&D represent the primary focus in this document (See Figure 1) and the importance of WHEN & HOW it is introduced to the Knowledge…

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