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T.G.I.G.F. 4.0

April 14, 2017 4 comments

This post is now a fourth annual event reserved for Good Friday. The original posting was on a Thursday a few years ago, and I was reflecting on the upcoming Good Friday. The story never really changes, but I find myself appreciating it more every year. Good Friday can slip by too easily amidst preparations for the celebration of Christ’s resurrection on Easter Sunday, but if we had not been gifted by what He did for us on Good Friday, the bunnies, plastic straw, and colored eggs would be all that matters. I hope those of you reading this again feel the increased appreciation for Good Friday as I have, and I welcome those of you here who are reading for the first time. Happy Easter!

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There Is a House In New Orleans…

July 27, 2013 4 comments

The bus left Crossroads Community Church at 5PM for an overnight cruise from Cincinnati to New Orleans. One might think leaving that late after carb-loading on pizza would promote sleeping most of the way. Yeah…right! I honestly think the bus rides to and from New Orleans were meant to represent the suffering part of the mission journey. Can’t speak for everybody else, but I got about 3-hours of sleep in twenty minute bursts. Between the A/C pumping ice cold air into the bus and stopping at truck stops every two hours, it proved to be a long bus ride in both directions. Read more…

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