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New Quora Site for L&D Performance Ninjas w/ Interactive Q&A

I've just launched a Quora site to support interactive Q&A activity from the new book "Confessions of a Performance Ninja: Optimizing Workforce Performance@ Point-of-Work." I sent out a few invitations directly, but I welcome anyone who would like to participate in Q&A with a largely unsupervised, retired (sort of), performance consultant to join the site. Here is a sample of a recent Q&A exchange with a client who purchased the book for their Center of Excellence Learning team. (more…)

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"Dreamscape Conspiracy" is live on Amazon in both eBook & Paperback formats.   . Dreamscape Conspiracy Dr. Cara Williams, a 32-year-old Clinical Psychologist, has a dark secret she fights to repress. Being the lead researcher on a controversial Dream Therapy project called Dream Weaver, she finds satisfaction in her work, that is, until an accident in the lab rewrites the rules of Dream Therapy. Further complications surface when the core technology known as Dreamscape can not only capture dreams for analysis but can also transmit previously captured dreams to other research…

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Confessions of a Performance Ninja – Author Forum Question

Hi Gary, One of our forum attendees had an additional question for you but ran out of time to ask. Would you mind answering her question below? QUESTION: Since the PC [performance consulting] role does have a lens to performance, not just training, our recommendations may cross into other disciplines, e.g., OCM, Process Improvement, and Communication. How have you established your role with these different groups so as not to be viewed as overstepping into their discipline? (more…)

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