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Free Agent – Hurled Through the Window of Opportunity

March 6, 2016 7 comments

Boss: “I have some unfortunate news.”

Me: (thinking to myself) ‘Here we go…again…’

Boss: “Your position has been eliminated effective a week from Friday.”

Me: “Hmmm, something tells me this is not a joke.”

Boss: “I’m sorry. This is no joke.”

(Not sure that’s the correct spelling for a rim shot, but that’s the audio clip that played in my head.) Read more…

Readiness – Set – Go: Pursuing a Sustainable EPS Strategy

March 4, 2016 2 comments

The path to shifting a long-held training paradigm to a holistic learning and performance paradigm is not a task for the faint-of-heart. Trust me on this…I have the scars to prove it. The greatest challenge I encountered in my own journey reveals there is more Change Leadership related implications than anything else. To compound that challenge, defining a “how to” road map is a tough nut to crack because every single deployment…then implementation…then fully enabling sustained adoption… is unique to the organization making the climb to the summit. So…do we avoid the “climb”, or is there a path that can embrace the diversity of the Change implications that will manifest? Read more…

Driving Performance with Extended Blend

June 29, 2015 1 comment

Permit me to open this post by dispelling the myth that we, as training professionals, hold as fact and have convinced our stakeholders over the years – training drives performance. Yes, it truly is a myth. And after thirty-some odd years in the corporate training business, I’m as guilty as any for perpetuating this myth, and, I might add, with boundless enthusiasm. In all honesty, training offered as a performance solution can only drive potential.  And we have readily available proof of this reality through solid evaluation practices at levels one and two. Sadly, no business outcomes have been…nor can they be…generated during the creation of proven potential during training. In fact, no evidence of sustainable capability at the point-of-work exists either. We seriously must consider this question, “Is the promise of potential enough?” Methinks not! Read more…

EPS Readiness: Are you there yet?

April 17, 2014 2 comments

At the recent Learning Solutions 2014 conference in Orlando, the Guild added another concurrent conference to the venue – Ecosystems 2014. Amazingly, at an additional cost there were over 200 participants attend the extra breakout sessions. While there were more questions surface than answers, it was clear that the concept of addressing the Learning & Performance environment as an ecosystem was a hit…and more questions than answers. Read more…

Selling Performance Support In-House

November 17, 2012 10 comments

As is often the case, a previous blog triggers a great question that shines the light on something I either missed or have not yet spent any time developing. Several folks I’ve recently talked with have expressed concerns and asked for ideas on how to get their leadership off the dime about considering performance support as a strategic issue for the organization. My gut reaction is this – performance support (PS) is too closely tied to training. Read more…

Governance: Who Should Come to the Party?

March 4, 2011 1 comment

I fell into a discussion on the Chief Learning Officer network early this morning that asked, “What is the most effective governance model?” The second part of the question was, “How do you ensure the governance meets your performance objectives?” Having been up to my hocks in forming and storming through the birthing pains of several governance efforts, I had to shake off the tremors before I could offer a suggestion. It was actually the second part of the question that pulled my trigger. Granted, I did not [do not] fully understand what definition of “performance objectives” may have been implied, nevertheless, the trigger was tripped…and the response went something like this… Read more…

Selling Change to Training – Please! Hurry!

January 26, 2011 3 comments

This post comes from a recent experience involving the cycles of selling Change [as in new technology] to a Change Agent [known as the Training Department]. The outcome of this effort ultimately facilitated successful deployment; however, the circuitous route taken to reach that destination involved selling Change to a different client – the operational side of the business. I suspect this phenomenon had a lot to do with the solution [electronic performance support system – EPSS] not normally recognized as a “training tool” and technically, I agree that it is not. But…that is NOT the point. This was not about a new technology; it was about new methodology…and ultimately, it was about a threat to status quo at the hands of innovation.   Read more…

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