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Mapping the Work Context for Performance Support

With all the recent press performance support is getting…make that positive press…I’m noticing that we could easily slip into a best practice of admiring the problem of what to do about it. To be a bit less sarcastic, I must clarify that admiration of the problem is NOT a best practice, but it often seems like we manage to do it best. (more…)

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Admiring the Problems of Our Own Success

I just stepped out of another awesome dialogue that has triggered another post. A two-part question was asked about “How to influence our training peers to step away from antiquated practices” ...AND... “How to demonstrate to senior leadership that there is a better way to drive performance”. I think both parts of that question are essential and foundational to getting us out of the current practices that are so dangerously embedded. I say “dangerous” because both training budgets and jobs are at risk if we cling to status quo. Until…

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Work Context Is Ground Zero for Expanded Role of Training

Recent posts I have made referenced a concept I support “learning ecosystems”, and why I’m convinced training organizations have a call-to-action to expand their role. To make that case, I put forth a few questions to consider - "How many sales deals do sales reps close in the classroom? How many process decisions preventing creation of material waste do managers make while taking an on-line training course? How many impactful customer complaints are resolved in training role-plays or simulations?" If your answers range from “none” to “nada”, then another question…

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