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Survey Said…“Enough with the E-Learning Already!”

May 8, 2017 6 comments

This could be a rant…so hang onto something…

It’s funny that our recently surveyed learners told us to STOP forcing E-Learning on them when I just read someplace that E-Learning is on the rise as the solution of choice. The bastion of L&D and the E-Learning vendors are sold on e-learning as the answer it seems. Either our recently on-boarded performers (learners) that we surveyed at the Point-of-Work are whacked, or the folks who are supposed to be on the bleeding edge of developing effective learning solutions are smoking something. Read more…


Did Cavemen Use Micro-Learning?

January 4, 2017 Leave a comment

Guess what? They did…and in the absence of technology. The whole thing went down on a Thursday morning when an informal micro-learning moment went social and was delivered synchronously at the Point-of-Work…and…at a critical Moment of Need. Whaaat? They were freaking cavemen for crying out loud. Who woulda thunk it? Read more…

Micro-Learning Is Bigger Than You Think…And Not Just For Learning

December 29, 2016 21 comments

I was recently drawn into a discussion on LinkedIn while trolling one of my groups to comment on a topic “How long should micro-Learning be?” Great question and timely since micro-learning (ML) seems to be receiving a lot of press lately. My answer was simply, “It should be long enough!”  Hey now…that’s better than the stock performance consultant response of “It depends!” But it does depend…it depends on whether you are looking through a training lens or a performance lens. Read more…

Is mLearning Causing Learner Fatigue?

July 10, 2014 5 comments

This concept came up in a conversation I had yesterday with Peter Ranzino, President of Learning Sciences Corporation. He used this phrase – Learner Fatigue – and it struck a nerve. I think the title of this post poses a question that is rife with conviction; and not conviction in a positive sense. Seriously, are we burning out our workforce with a flood of anytime anywhere learning via mobile technology? Read more…

Embedded Performer Support [EPS] Implies Intentional Design

August 5, 2013 8 comments

Embedded Performer Support [EPS] is a discipline that has implication to any instructional design model you choose to use. Some training purist are fans of the tradition ADDIE model while other use SAM and numerous permutations that, for the most part, mimic what’s at the core of ADDIE since its inception. My point is that it’s not the tool; it’s how we apply it that matters most. Regardless of ISD methodology we will see considerably more iteration, concurrent development, and rapid development prototyping. This post is not intended to change the hill an instructional designer chooses to die on over their choice of design protocol; rather, it stresses the critical need to reflect key attributes of the post-training work context no matter what design hill you are on. Read more…

Mobile Technology: Best Suited for “Push” or “Pull” Learning?

December 13, 2011 3 comments

The original question… “What Kind of Learning Is Best Suited to Mobile Technology? …surfaced yesterday in a networking group and included three different learning contexts:

–         Acquisition of learning
–         Retention of learning
–         Application of learning

The first thing that popped into my head was… “Yeah, all three are a good fit!” Then the consultant in me kicked in and the answer morphed to what we are all trained to give…  “It depends.”

Having all my bases covered, I attempted to clarify…or was that justify… Read more…

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