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Data Analytics Vs. Tsunami

Yikes! Now that’s a visual. Maybe avalanche would be appropriate too. Enabling access to metrics and measures into the hands of those not able to answer the question “What does sustained workforce capability look like?” may very well unleash something we cannot outrun. Addressing data analytics with an eye for extracting actionable information is critical or those tasked to make informed decisions can easily and quickly drown in data or become buried in short order. Are we chasing after data as much as we are chasing Evidence of Sustained Capability…

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DRIVER – Avoiding the Paralysis of Fear & Loathing of CHANGE


This post is somewhere between a rant and a ramble…just a courtesy heads-up… In the last several weeks I’ve launched posts on an L&D CHANGE Discipline called DRIVER. The response has pleasantly been positive as indicated in comments, “likes” and shares. What blogger would not like that kind of response to suggesting CHANGE? Funny thing though, if there is only one response that is not positive or stoked fear or concern in a reader, I look in the mirror and question “What did I miss?” (more…)

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DRIVER – A Learning Performance Discipline Based on Continuum Thinking at the Core

In my recent post, “DRIVER – A Repeatable, Agile, Methodology to Generate Learning & Performance Guidance”, I’ve received many positive comments and a few great questions asking for more details. This post will attempt to slice into the anatomy of the DRIVER discipline and add some essential context…yes…discipline. I chose the word “methodology” in the original title, but upon reflection I can see how that might skew the perception of DRIVER to be some sort of tool. It’s not a tool. It is the only approach I’ve found after 30-plus years…

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DRIVER – A Repeatable, Agile, Discipline to Enable Learning Performance Guidance

Point-of-Work (PoW) is where measurable business outcomes are generated...or they're lost…if not lost...compromised. I hope you can agree that Workforce Performance has a direct line to productivity and profitability at PoW. That single fact seems straight-forward to this camper and that if we truly seek positive business outcomes as our end-game, shouldn't we focus our discovery and solution designs there first? It only took me 20 years to shift my thinking…and my results. (more…)

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