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Digital Adoption Solutions (DAS) Technology Has an Identity…Finally…Now What?

Point-of-Work Dynamics

About two years ago I contacted Gartner regarding a Magic Quadrant for Performance Support; they had none…and no immediate plans stating they were not in “that space”. I suggested at the time that if they were serious about being in the learning space, they should include performance support. I doubt if my suggestion was the catalyst, but they just released a document for Digital Adoption Solutions - DAS platforms in the context of Sales Effectiveness and provided a list of vendors. Sort of… (more…)

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POINT-of-WORK:  Performance Is as Good as the Support…Not Just Training

Recently, I’ve had the benefit of participating in several threads with colleagues who have an extended military background. With my momentum regarding performance support at Point-of-Work they are quick to defend the importance of training, and I don’t disagree for a second. But there is more to their story that must be pointed out. Training alone is not enough. Gaining competency is not accomplished during a training transaction – by itself, it is not enough! (more…)

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POINT-of-WORK:  Swim to the Current

It was 9:45AM, and I was delighted to find Bill’s Shoe Repair still residing in downtown Lawrenceburg IN., an Ohio river town in extreme southeastern Indiana. After dropping off one of my favorite slip-on loafers for repair I decided to walk down a couple of blocks and climb the stairs to the top of the levee that holds back the river. As I sat on a bench alone on the top of the levee river walk, I’d just missed a barge plow through the current and turn the corner heading…

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PERFORMANCE SUPPORT:  Running the Entire Race

Many years and as many pounds ago I remember tensing in my crouch anticipating the starter’s gun, so I could explode out of the blocks and sprint for 100 meters as part of the 400-meter relay team. I’d always had an amazing start but had a bad habit of not finishing as strong as I started. I can still hear coach McVey yelling at me, “Wise, why don’t you try running the whole leg of the race!” This little memory is very appropriately aligned in my profession these years later…

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Deployment Vs. Implementation – Is There a Difference?

This is an update to the original post... Short answer? Absolutely there’s a difference; a very significant difference despite the fact that many in L&D and other business disciplines use the two words interchangeably. The most critical mistake is treating Deployment as the finish line. The difference leaves a gaping hole between a successful launch of anything effective and full adoption of any solution mix into the flow of work designed to sustain measurable business outcomes. There Are Really Five Phases to Successful Solution Integration 1 - ASSESSMENT – Reaching…

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PERFORMANCE SUPPORT:  Start with a Point-of-Work Assessment – PWA

Learning Performance Ecosystem

This post is a bit different in some ways. The topic is still Performance Support at the core, but I’m responding to the many comments and questions I receive about how to adopt a Learning Performance Paradigm. The Point-of-Work Assessment (PWA) is a methodology designed to move beyond traditional Training Needs Assessment and evolve downstream to the Point-of-Work where bona fide business value generation is on the line. Before jumping in the paradigm boat and rowing downstream there is a strategic re-think to accomplish first…followed by some tactical skill brush ups.…

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Digitization of “Human Infrastructure”…or…Enterprise Systems/Apps: Which Should Take Priority?

There are plenty of positive discussions in the networking groups I follow regarding the shift to the cloud for digital integration across Enterprise Systems, Business Apps, and APIs. This is all good news, but I must ask this question - “What about the digitization supporting the “human infrastructure” tasked to perform effectively using this digitized business infrastructure at the Point-of-work?” Is the answer a chicken or egg debate? Methinks there is a priority we are missing here if our IT focus is exclusively “System/App/API-oriented”. (more…)

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Anatomy of Digital Performance Support (DPS) Integration

Digital Performance Support (DPS) represents an evolution of what we’ve known as Electronic Performance Support (EPS) and the technology that provides it, Electronic Performance Support Systems (EPSS). So…what has evolved about EPS making it worthy of calling it something else? Is DPS just lipstick on EPS? Definitely not! Here’s a link to a recent blog post by Mike Graham, CEO of Epilogue Systems that describes DPS in a little more detail. Cloud-based DPS opens a whole set of doors for driving sustained workforce capability at the Point of Work. (more…)

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Is Your Curation Tied to Intentional Design?

I’ve written about Intentional Design previously and not surprisingly it targets both learning AND performance.  Maybe the better title for this post would’ve been Are You Curating for Learning or Performance? I chose intentional design in this title because it’s not an either/or effort…we should be curating for both…but methinks if traditional L&D is the curator-in-charge the focus is not going to include Performance…not Point of Work focused…nor Moment of Need responsive. That’s why I offer this thought…Are our curation efforts as intentional as our design? (more…)

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