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POINT-of-WORK: Is It a Destination or a Discipline?

Point-of-Work Dynamics

The short answer is YES! Arriving at a destination has a connotation of finality or completion, but what happens when the characteristics of the “destination” are dynamic and influenced by continuous change? Welcome to the world of Learning & Development (L&D); a world where we struggle to optimize workforce performance outcomes with static solutions and technology in a Dynamic Learning Performance Ecosystem. We (L&D) see it. Our operational stakeholders see it…and are asking for different solutions that show measurable impact to the bottom-line. The question becomes one of are we…

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Is L&D Held Hostage by Learning?

There’s a really good chance this title will “poke the bear” but then maybe the bear needs a little poke. After 35+ years in corporate L&D, I look back and see the first 20+ doing excellent work as a sales trainer and in various team and senior leadership roles yet only managing to amass an impressive string of failures. Not failures in producing top-drawer learning solutions; rather, failures in NOT consistently accelerating productivity at Point-of-Work. My “poke” surfaced during a successful first-of-four phases of SAP deployment followed by a botched…

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Old Dog with New Tricks?

It’s always amazing to me where my posts come from, and this one is no exception. I’ll blame this one on @Brandon Carson in his recent LinkedIn feed contribution where he referenced tiring of the phrase “30-under-30”. Needless to say, comments flew from the ether positioning for and against, and the dialogue got me thinking about my own career…and my status of being an “old dog”. Methinks it’s not so much about the age as it is about the “tricks” that are brought to the table...and the underlying passion fire…

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POINT-of-WORK: Where to Look for Performance Support ROI

One of the most difficult things we ever attempt to do is change the mind(s) of those who control the purse strings to loosen them in support of an unfamiliar innovation that’s going to cost money. Complicate that mind-shift with adding a radical new paradigm into the mix and your chances of success just got that much more difficult. That is the exact scenario we face when attempting to introduce brand new Performance Support Technology where it not only doesn’t exist, but the concept is at odds with an embedded…

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PERFORMANCE SUPPORT:  Running the Entire Race

Many years and as many pounds ago I remember tensing in my crouch anticipating the starter’s gun, so I could explode out of the blocks and sprint for 100 meters as part of the 400-meter relay team. I’d always had an amazing start but had a bad habit of not finishing as strong as I started. I can still hear coach McVey yelling at me, “Wise, why don’t you try running the whole leg of the race!” This little memory is very appropriately aligned in my profession these years later…

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PERFORMANCE SUPPORT:  Start with a Point-of-Work Assessment – PWA

Learning Performance Ecosystem

This post is a bit different in some ways. The topic is still Performance Support at the core, but I’m responding to the many comments and questions I receive about how to adopt a Learning Performance Paradigm. The Point-of-Work Assessment (PWA) is a methodology designed to move beyond traditional Training Needs Assessment and evolve downstream to the Point-of-Work where bona fide business value generation is on the line. Before jumping in the paradigm boat and rowing downstream there is a strategic re-think to accomplish first…followed by some tactical skill brush ups.…

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Digitization of “Human Infrastructure”…or…Enterprise Systems/Apps: Which Should Take Priority?

There are plenty of positive discussions in the networking groups I follow regarding the shift to the cloud for digital integration across Enterprise Systems, Business Apps, and APIs. This is all good news, but I must ask this question - “What about the digitization supporting the “human infrastructure” tasked to perform effectively using this digitized business infrastructure at the Point-of-work?” Is the answer a chicken or egg debate? Methinks there is a priority we are missing here if our IT focus is exclusively “System/App/API-oriented”. (more…)

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Is Your Curation Tied to Intentional Design?

I’ve written about Intentional Design previously and not surprisingly it targets both learning AND performance.  Maybe the better title for this post would’ve been Are You Curating for Learning or Performance? I chose intentional design in this title because it’s not an either/or effort…we should be curating for both…but methinks if traditional L&D is the curator-in-charge the focus is not going to include Performance…not Point of Work focused…nor Moment of Need responsive. That’s why I offer this thought…Are our curation efforts as intentional as our design? (more…)

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It’s Time to Go Ninja!

Who “woulda thunk it” possible to be swept up…or is swept out more appropriate…into the chaos of three corporate downsizing events in less than seven years? Could that even happen to the same guy? Oh, but yes it can…and it has. You’re reading his words right now. January 26th was when I was jettisoned through the window of opportunity yet again. The frequency of being jettisoned could cause one to pause and reflect, asking “Why me?” and question “What did I do? …or not do?”  The first time around, I…

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