Brain Farts & Other Anomalous Thoughts

This writing will become a living work, and new Farts and Thoughts will be added as they happen…or as soon as I get around to it. I will add new writing additions at the top of the list to minimize scrolling to find whatever is new. As a warning, I confess to being awake most of the time…but a far cry from woke…so if I offend anyone…bummer! (more…)

Popcorn Wars

I have heard people say that "life is a constant struggle". I am a partial believer of that statement when things like “getting-up-in-the-morning-to-beat-the school-bus” is a part of my regular reality. Every weekday morning I am confronted with another "beat-the-bus" struggle to motivate my kids to get up…get up…get goin.’ I suppose that each of us can identify with our own "struggles" we deal with each passing day. Struggle builds character they say. This is something you would expect a mother to say, or a coach, or someone else equally…

Is It Really That Cold?

Have you ever repeated a saying you’ve heard before to fit a circumstance perfectly and have no clue where that saying came from or know exactly what it means? I’ve done it for no other reason than it fits the occasion, and I’m guessing you have too. It was -1 degree this morning here in Batesville, Indiana and that did not include the wind chill. That’s cold; colder than a witch’s [bosom]; colder than a well digger’s [rump]. You get the idea… In your mind’s eye you can probably make…

Possum Wars

<Humor Alert> Amid the chaos of working in the L&D discipline, funny things happen. Many have absolutely nothing to do with my job, but have everything to do with learning about living…and in this case…learning to let live. Another true story about a brush with nature and really sharp teeth follows. </Humor Alert> (more…)

Momentum: A Fat Man’s Dilemma

<Humor Alert> Learning moments come in all shapes and sizes [no pun intended] and they come despite good intentions. When circumstance overcomes confidence is often times when the greatest learning moments are experienced. This is a true story of one such moment. </Humor Alert> (more…)

Road Trip to Beckley

<Humor Alert> Once again the craving to examine learning has taken a turn toward the humorous. This is another true story about the truth that can only be taught from the hearts of family when a dash of duress gets mixed into what turned out to be a learning moment. </Humor Alert> (more…)

Scattered and Smothered

<HUMOR ALERT> This post is not so much about corporate learning as it is about the kind of learning we absorb unintentionally when we least expect it. This is a true story, though it may have been embellished just a bit by taking pieces from several occasions where I immersed myself into the world of Waffle House at 2:30AM…or so. For those who have never had this opportunity in life, prepare for a little “cultural” learning experience. </HUMOR ALERT> (more…)