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POINT-of-WORK: Is It a Destination or a Discipline?

Point-of-Work Dynamics

The short answer is YES! Arriving at a destination has a connotation of finality or completion, but what happens when the characteristics of the “destination” are dynamic and influenced by continuous change? Welcome to the world of Learning & Development (L&D); a world where we struggle to optimize workforce performance outcomes with static solutions and technology in a Dynamic Learning Performance Ecosystem. We (L&D) see it. Our operational stakeholders see it…and are asking for different solutions that show measurable impact to the bottom-line. The question becomes one of are we…

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Insight Curation: Are We Accelerating or Protecting Productivity?

There’s a lot of talk about productivity in the workflow these days and a rapidly increasing desire to accelerate it. Makes sense because productivity yields performance outcomes, right? There’s another side to this productivity coin - Protecting Productivity. Can we accomplish that? Why not accomplish both simultaneously? (more…)

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POINT-of-WORK ASSESSMENT:  Systems & Technology

In this snippet of the Point-of-Work Assessment methodology we focus on Systems (which may include multiple enterprise systems, software apps, and "human" systems) utilized to accomplish work…and…Technology utilized by Knowledge Workers as they accomplish task-level work activity that requires interfacing with any combination of their work systems (which may include mobile phones, tablets, desk-top computer, and other hand-held devices). Productivity Acceleration Technology and the implications to L&D represent the primary focus in this document (See Figure 1) and the importance of WHEN & HOW it is introduced to the Knowledge…

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Speed-to-Insight: Curating Curations…Also Known as Curation 2.0

March 13, 2019 by Gary G. Wise I was on my third cup of coffee as I slogged through the emails that landed overnight. Three of them had attachments from an individual tasked to curate content for the project team I was on. There were eight other team members on the email distribution list on two of the emails; the third went to the entire department of thirty-two colleagues and peers. The attached reads on two of the emails were relevant articles aligned with our project with each representing a…

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POINT-of-WORK: Disruptions from Adopting “Intentional Design” Practices

Part of adopting a Point-of-Work Solution Discipline includes design...intentional design that is...of the assets used at moments of need. In a recent blog post, Chasing Productivity or Accelerating Productivity, I received a number of comments and several great questions specific to “What Is Intentional Design?” As often is the case, one blog post spawns another, and offers a chance to key on points that trigger comments and questions. Adopting Intentional Design practices is a non-disruptive disruption. Now that that is cleared up, I’d like to explain how a disruption can…

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Is Your L&D Function Equipped to Be a Disrupter…or a Disruptee?

“Disruption” is getting a lot of airplay of late…and rightly so, even if you only consider the disruption of transitioning enterprise systems (Digital Transformation) to the cloud. The implications to L&D are enormous when you consider the L&D team owns end-user readiness and tasked to ensure sustained capability at Point-of-Work. The question becomes one of “Do we (L&D) aggressively pursue proactive readiness, or…do we react to deployment training shortfalls after it shifts to implementation and the journey to full adoption while bottom-line business value is at a very real risk?”…

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POINT-of-WORK: Diversity of Disruption

Learning Performance Continuum

Whether or not to move an organization’s technology infrastructure to the cloud appears to be more of a question of “when” to begin the move; not a question of “if” it makes sense to make the move. Take Digital Transformation as an example, though spoken as a single phrase, is by no means a singular event; in fact, transitioning to the cloud is phase-worthy, hugely complex, and typically spread over a couple of years of diverse disruptions due the enormity of the move. While IT resources shoulder a great deal…

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Old Dog with New Tricks?

It’s always amazing to me where my posts come from, and this one is no exception. I’ll blame this one on @Brandon Carson in his recent LinkedIn feed contribution where he referenced tiring of the phrase “30-under-30”. Needless to say, comments flew from the ether positioning for and against, and the dialogue got me thinking about my own career…and my status of being an “old dog”. Methinks it’s not so much about the age as it is about the “tricks” that are brought to the table...and the underlying passion fire…

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INSIGHT CURATION:   Knowledge, Wisdom & Lemonade

I don’t normally rely upon sources like Quora for insights, but I thought this Post by Chris Reiss was worth repeating as it brilliantly illustrates definitions that support the key point in this post… Knowledge is measuring that a desert path is 12.4 miles long Wisdom is packing enough water for the hike Insight is building a lemonade stand at mile 6 I love the definition that includes “building a lemonade stand” which perfectly defines an actionable insight. Knowledge and Wisdom are both important but neither one (on their own)…

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