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POINT-of-WORK: Diversity of Disruption

Learning Performance Continuum

Whether or not to move an organization’s technology infrastructure to the cloud appears to be more of a question of “when” to begin the move; not a question of “if” it makes sense to make the move. Take Digital Transformation as an example, though spoken as a single phrase, is by no means a singular event; in fact, transitioning to the cloud is phase-worthy, hugely complex, and typically spread over a couple of years of diverse disruptions due the enormity of the move. While IT resources shoulder a great deal…

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Why Adopt Point-of-Work Assessment Methodology?

At conferences where I speak I always begin by asking, “How many of your organizations have a dynamic learning performance ecosystem in place today?” Rarely does a single hand go up. Some participants don’t know. Some are unsure. Some don’t want to embarrass themselves. And others simply think its BS jargon and suspect it’s a trick question. They would be correct…that it’s a trick question…not that it’s BS HR/L&D jargon. And then I share the following fact: (more…)

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CONTENT CURATION:  Are We After Knowledge, Wisdom or Insights?

The obvious answer is, “All three, right?” It starts with curation, and rapid adoption of content curation across our L&D discipline is both encouraging to see and frightening to comprehend. The frightening part, based on my own curation experiences, and as an observer of the curation process, is how easily we create bulk information to serve as initial knowledge. Given the exponential growth of information sources and powerful search capabilities like Google at our disposal, a bulk-curated information tsunami is inbound…if not already on the beach.  We’ve effectively curated ourselves…

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