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Convergence of Learning with Work – Now What?

The convergence of learning with work or “workflow learning” is stimulating a lot of interest over the last few months. That’s a very promising sign for evolving L&D solutions, but at the same time, I’m seeing evidence of confusion around how to optimize this convergence. (more…)

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Old Dog with New Tricks?

It’s always amazing to me where my posts come from, and this one is no exception. I’ll blame this one on @Brandon Carson in his recent LinkedIn feed contribution where he referenced tiring of the phrase “30-under-30”. Needless to say, comments flew from the ether positioning for and against, and the dialogue got me thinking about my own career…and my status of being an “old dog”. Methinks it’s not so much about the age as it is about the “tricks” that are brought to the table...and the underlying passion fire…

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POINT-of-WORK:  Performance Is as Good as the Support…Not Just Training

Recently, I’ve had the benefit of participating in several threads with colleagues who have an extended military background. With my momentum regarding performance support at Point-of-Work they are quick to defend the importance of training, and I don’t disagree for a second. But there is more to their story that must be pointed out. Training alone is not enough. Gaining competency is not accomplished during a training transaction – by itself, it is not enough! (more…)

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Deployment Vs. Implementation – Is There a Difference?

This update was made on April 13, 2023. Since I retired, the Point of Work Assessment (PWA) Workshop series has been discontinued, and the entire contents with worksheets and instructions are now only available in a new book I wrote earlier this year: "Confessions of a Performance Ninja: Optimizing Workforce Performance @ Point-of-Work." This book embodies the transformational aspects of change that come with any Deployment - Implementation - Adoption - Sustainability initiative, whether large or small. The confessions offered in this book came from things that worked well and…

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PERFORMANCE SUPPORT: Find an Experienced Outfitter Before Attempting the Climb

Living in Learning by HPO

After one Chapter 11 fiasco and three Reduction-in-Force events in the last 10 years, I’ve decided it’s time to join the “gig economy” as a Human Performance Outfitter. With the last dozen or so years dedicated to Point-of-Work Solutions leveraging performance support and technology integration, I will be the first to confess that adoption of Point-of-Work Solutions is not a project…it’s a discipline…a journey equivalent to climbing a mountain. Having personally made the ascent several times there are tips, techniques, skills, tools, and maps necessary to guide you to the summit…

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PERFORMANCE SUPPORT: Questions, Questions & More Questions

Momentum to accept the validity of performance support has been a long time coming as evidenced by a dramatic increase of articles advocating more L&D attention targeting performance outcomes. Unfortunately, the attention given is still largely skewed toward innovative learning solutions in the training environment. That’s not altogether a bad thing; however, it’s not enough when the measurable results we seek are found at Point-of-Work where the key driver is effective application of performance support. Methinks part of that dilemma is a result not of the discovery questions asked, but…

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PERFORMANCE SUPPORT:  Start with a Point-of-Work Assessment – PWA

Learning Performance Ecosystem

This post is a bit different in some ways. The topic is still Performance Support at the core, but I’m responding to the many comments and questions I receive about how to adopt a Learning Performance Paradigm. The Point-of-Work Assessment (PWA) is a methodology designed to move beyond traditional Training Needs Assessment and evolve downstream to the Point-of-Work where bona fide business value generation is on the line. Before jumping in the paradigm boat and rowing downstream there is a strategic re-think to accomplish first…followed by some tactical skill brush ups.…

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So…You Want to Become a Learning Performance Ninja – Good Choice!

  This is a true story, a pivotal story in my career, that validated re-thinking the significance of adopting an evolved strategy using a tactical Learning Performance Assessment (LPA)methodology embedded in a Learning Performance Solutions Discipline called DRIVER...and of course, becoming a die-hard learning performance ninja. It was a Monday morning. Early. I’d already sucked down three cups of coffee…not counting the venti bold with a shot on the way to work. I could no longer hear the ringing in my ears due to the buzz in my brain now masking all other real…

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DRIVER – Avoiding the Paralysis of Fear & Loathing of CHANGE


This post is somewhere between a rant and a ramble…just a courtesy heads-up… In the last several weeks I’ve launched posts on an L&D CHANGE Discipline called DRIVER. The response has pleasantly been positive as indicated in comments, “likes” and shares. What blogger would not like that kind of response to suggesting CHANGE? Funny thing though, if there is only one response that is not positive or stoked fear or concern in a reader, I look in the mirror and question “What did I miss?” (more…)

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DRIVER: Enabling a Strategic Re-Think for L&D

A couple years ago I wrote a post “Performance Support & the Art of War” with references to Sun Tzu’s writings, and upon rereading am reminded of the significance between tactics and strategy. In short, it seems like strategy represents formalized thinking about what tactics are appropriate to acquire specific results/outcomes. The question that keeps surfacing is “What happens when proven tactics fail to render what strategic thinking and intent envisioned?” (more…)

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