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POINT-of-WORK:  Productivity Waning?  Accelerate It with Technology

This morning I sat on our deck enjoying my coffee while casually surveying our little ecosystem when I noticed the mammoth sunflowers bowing toward the ground. These gorgeous plants grow to twelve feet in height and as they become more and more productive they generate flowers as big as dinner plates. As they grow, the blossoms get heavy and if left unsupported, productivity bogs down. It seems my attempts to accelerate growth and seed production for a radical flock of goldfinches by fertilizing with Miracle-Gro was doing more harm than…

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POINT-of-WORK – Step Away from the Hammer!

Have any of you responded to a training request by nailing down an awesome blended solution only to experience post-training performance outcomes being less than desired? I must confess to having been party to this kind well-intended request…and more than once. But hey…the training product was awesome! Not to spoil a good mood…but I’m sure you’ve heard some variation of the phrase, “If Training is a hammer, then every performance problem is a nail” at some point in the past. That's a dangerous paradigm. (more…)

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PERFORMANCE SUPPORT: Questions, Questions & More Questions

Momentum to accept the validity of performance support has been a long time coming as evidenced by a dramatic increase of articles advocating more L&D attention targeting performance outcomes. Unfortunately, the attention given is still largely skewed toward innovative learning solutions in the training environment. That’s not altogether a bad thing; however, it’s not enough when the measurable results we seek are found at Point-of-Work where the key driver is effective application of performance support. Methinks part of that dilemma is a result not of the discovery questions asked, but…

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