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Old Dog with New Tricks?

It’s always amazing to me where my posts come from, and this one is no exception. I’ll blame this one on @Brandon Carson in his recent LinkedIn feed contribution where he referenced tiring of the phrase “30-under-30”. Needless to say, comments flew from the ether positioning for and against, and the dialogue got me thinking about my own career…and my status of being an “old dog”. Methinks it’s not so much about the age as it is about the “tricks” that are brought to the table...and the underlying passion fire…

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Anatomy of Digital Performance Support (DPS) Integration

Digital Performance Support (DPS) represents an evolution of what we’ve known as Electronic Performance Support (EPS) and the technology that provides it, Electronic Performance Support Systems (EPSS). So…what has evolved about EPS making it worthy of calling it something else? Is DPS just lipstick on EPS? Definitely not! Here’s a link to a recent blog post by Mike Graham, CEO of Epilogue Systems that describes DPS in a little more detail. Cloud-based DPS opens a whole set of doors for driving sustained workforce capability at the Point of Work. (more…)

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Is Your Curation Tied to Intentional Design?

I’ve written about Intentional Design previously and not surprisingly it targets both learning AND performance.  Maybe the better title for this post would’ve been Are You Curating for Learning or Performance? I chose intentional design in this title because it’s not an either/or effort…we should be curating for both…but methinks if traditional L&D is the curator-in-charge the focus is not going to include Performance…not Point of Work focused…nor Moment of Need responsive. That’s why I offer this thought…Are our curation efforts as intentional as our design? (more…)

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