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PERFORMANCE SUPPORT:  Start with a Point-of-Work Assessment – PWA

Learning Performance Ecosystem

This post is a bit different in some ways. The topic is still Performance Support at the core, but I’m responding to the many comments and questions I receive about how to adopt a Learning Performance Paradigm. The Point-of-Work Assessment (PWA) is a methodology designed to move beyond traditional Training Needs Assessment and evolve downstream to the Point-of-Work where bona fide business value generation is on the line. Before jumping in the paradigm boat and rowing downstream there is a strategic re-think to accomplish first…followed by some tactical skill brush ups.…

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So…You Want to Become a Learning Performance Ninja – Good Choice!

  This is a true story, a pivotal story in my career, that validated re-thinking the significance of adopting an evolved strategy using a tactical Learning Performance Assessment (LPA)methodology embedded in a Learning Performance Solutions Discipline called DRIVER...and of course, becoming a die-hard learning performance ninja. It was a Monday morning. Early. I’d already sucked down three cups of coffee…not counting the venti bold with a shot on the way to work. I could no longer hear the ringing in my ears due to the buzz in my brain now masking all other real…

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DRIVER: Enabling a Strategic Re-Think for L&D

A couple years ago I wrote a post “Performance Support & the Art of War” with references to Sun Tzu’s writings, and upon rereading am reminded of the significance between tactics and strategy. In short, it seems like strategy represents formalized thinking about what tactics are appropriate to acquire specific results/outcomes. The question that keeps surfacing is “What happens when proven tactics fail to render what strategic thinking and intent envisioned?” (more…)

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