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True Confessions from a Performance Ninja

May 31, 2017 Leave a comment

This is a true story. No instructional designers or facilitators were harmed…threatened a little…but not harmed permanently.

It was a Monday morning. Early. I’d already sucked down three cups of coffee…not counting the venti bold with a shot on the way to work. I could no longer hear the ringing in my ears due to the buzz in my brain now masking all other real or imagined internal bodily noises. Read more…


EPSS Replaces Product Training – Could It Really?

December 16, 2011 5 comments

Having been a Sales Trainer, Sales Training Manager, and Director Sales Training in a couple of previous lives, I nearly jumped out of my chair when I read a blog post by a new networking contact, David Brock. Dave authors a blog, Partners in Excellence, and his post of December 7th Let’s Put an End to Product Training” triggered a wee bit of a dance…not really, but I did unleash a couple mental fist-pumps. First-hand experience and many many road miles confirm how wasteful product training can be. I must add, it is not “What we train” as much as it is ‘How we train it.” Sales reps certainly need product knowledge, but the ability to spew features and promise of intangible benefits at a prospect is a waste of time and energy to both parties. Read more…

The Radicalization of Sales Training Starts @ the Edges

October 27, 2011 2 comments

Reflecting on this choice of title, I can imagine some rather extreme images springing forth in the minds of long-time sales training purists. I say this with confidence because the topic of facilitating learning at the edges of the ecosystemhas freaked out both platform trainers and instructional design professionals before. Yeah, and yours truly was that source of disruption – and more than once. Several colleagues actually questioned if the time had come to update their resumes. In my no-longer-humble-opinion, if sales training does not step up…make that…step out to the edges of the learning ecosystem, training budgets will continue to shrink and those resumes will need updated anyway. My thinking around this radicalization of training becomes more urgent by the day, and the only thing that gets blown up is a paradigm or two. Read more…

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