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True Confessions from a Performance Ninja

This is a true story. No instructional designers or facilitators were harmed...threatened a little...but not harmed permanently. It was a Monday morning. Early. I’d already sucked down three cups of coffee…not counting the venti bold with a shot on the way to work. I could no longer hear the ringing in my ears due to the buzz in my brain now masking all other real or imagined internal bodily noises. (more…)

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EPSS Replaces Product Training – Could It Really?

Having been a Sales Trainer, Sales Training Manager, and Director Sales Training in a couple of previous lives, I nearly jumped out of my chair when I read a blog post by a new networking contact, David Brock. Dave authors a blog, Partners in Excellence, and his post of December 7th “Let’s Put an End to Product Training” triggered a wee bit of a dance…not really, but I did unleash a couple mental fist-pumps. First-hand experience and many many road miles confirm how wasteful product training can be. I must…

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