Coaching & DRIVER Skill Development

The DRIVER Learning Performance Solution discipline represents a paradigm shift that is not nearly disruptive to embedded L&D design and development methods as it is to the solutions that produce measurable performance results at Point-of-Work. As difficult as we experience measuring it is to measure solution impact at levels 3 and 4, something needs to shift.

Coaching and skill development emphasis is placed on Discovery and Road Mapping as defined in the DRIVER discipline while maintaining compatibility with a variety of agile design methods and development capabilities. The key phrase here is “agile” and there are several like Five Moments of Need by APPLY Synergies and the 70:20:10 framework.

The ultimate shift and coaching focus is promoting a step-change in thinking – evolving solution design objectives from “instructional” to “intentional” where the primary “intent” is laser-focused on enabling measurable performance outcomes at Point-of-Work.

Bottom-line performance objective – to effectively coach Discovery and Solution Road Mapping skills and techniques to inform intentional design practices that produce measurable learning performance outcomes at Point-of-Work.