Engagement Options

Human Performance Outfitters (HPO) is a niche learning performance consultancy where the “niche” is a Point-of-Work Solution Discipline. This discipline holistically embraces the entirety of an organization’s learning performance ecosystem. The objective of this discipline is to improve and sustain productivity acceleration at Point-of-Work.  


The first consideration is simply… 

“What is a Point-of-Work Solution Discipline, and why should we care?” 

A no-cost, virtual executive-level presentation is offered to position the significance of the Point-of-Work Solution niche and to facilitate initial discussions to establish context, relevance and the importance of identifying current state capabilities of the L&D in the context of the learning performance ecosystem. Key purpose is to position the strategic importance for L&D adoption of a Point-of-Work Solution Discipline.

Exploratory Conversation Objectives: 

  • Gain commitment for a Current State Readiness Assessment of the functional L&D organization.
  • Define scope for purpose of developing a cost quote.

Cost: None for initial discussion and scoping effort. 


Assessment to identify current state capabilities within L&D functions Point-of-Work Performance Attributes targeting Environment, People/Capability, Work/Process, Content/Resources, Technology/Systems, and Analytics/Impact.


Summary of current state L&D capabilities and performance attributes inclusive of:

  • Organizational environment and culture
  • Skills and capabilities by functional role
  • Processes and methods used by function
  • Legacy content, maintenance protocols, resource accessibility
  • Technology, systems and tools used by L&D for design, development, delivery, and companion technology and systems used by the learner population
  • Analytics tracked, analyzed, and reported by L&D

The Assessment recommendation highlights next steps necessary for successful L&D integration and adoption of a Point-of-Work Solution Discipline. 

Additionally, the Readiness Assessment methodology follows the exact same model L&D would utilize for Point-of-Work Assessments – PWA going forward.   

Cost: Pricing for scope of engagements determined after initial exploratory discussions and based upon mutually confirmed Scope of Work [SOW]. Options may include retainer; hourly; or upon per-deliverable-basis. (Travel expenses only if on-site activities required)


Coaching and Workshops to support PWA Methodology adoption mutually determined as appropriate based upon Readiness Assessment findings.


  • Coaching in support of implementing the PWA Methodology Discipline.
  • Custom Workshops to close skill/competency gaps as defined in the Readiness Assessment.

Cost: Pricing for scope of engagements determined after initial exploratory discussions and based upon mutually confirmed Scope of Work [SOW] on retainer, hourly, or upon a per-deliverable-basis. (Travel expenses only if on-site activities requested)

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