Engagement Options

Human Performance Outfitters (HPO) is a niche learning performance consultancy where the “niche” is based upon a Point-of-Work Solution Discipline. At the core, this discipline utilizes holistic Point-of-Work Assessment (PWA) Methodology that embraces the entirety of an organization’s learning performance ecosystem from Point-of-Entry to Point-of-Work. The PWA delivers findings that align and prioritize critical pre-solution design information that influences and informs agile solution design methods. Additionally, findings define solution delivery optimization based upon satisfying knowledge worker moments of need in the workflow enabling productivity acceleration at Point-of-Work


The first deliverable answers the most important question… 

“What is a Point-of-Work Solution Discipline…
…and why should we care?”

HPO provides a no-cost, no-commitment, virtual, leader-level presentation to position the significance of Point-of-Work Assessment Methodology to facilitate initial discussions and establish context, relevance, and importance of enabling L&D to sustain knowledge worker performance in their workflows across diverse roles. 

Exploratory Conversation Objectives 

  • Position strategic importance encouraging L&D adoption of a Point-of-Work Solution Discipline that may include:
    • Selection of a Performance Strategist/Consultant and equipping that role to utilize pre-solution design Point-of-Work Assessment Methodology
    • Integration of Intentional Design best practices that influence and inform existing agile methods like 5 Moments of Need and/or 70:20:10
    • New options for Point-of-Work solution delivery using cloud-based Productivity Acceleration Technology
    • Accurate identification of Point-of-Work analytics that confirm evidence of impact at Levels 3 & 4 
  • Gain commitment to scope engagement options that may include:
    • PWA Workshop & Coaching on Point-of-Work Assessment Methodology designed for ongoing skill development of existing L&D Performance Strategist or Consultant roles
    • For L&D teams considering Strategist/Consultant roles for the first time, a L&D Readiness Assessment is recommended to establish current state benchmarks related to legacy best practices and functional solution capabilities 

 * * *


  • PWA Workshops are designed for an individual (or small team) filling the role(s) of Performance Strategist, Learning and/or Performance Consultant
  • PWA Workshops require 8-hours and include 5-hours of coaching post-workshop
  • PWA Workshops can be delivered on-site in a single day or virtually in 2-Sessions of 4-hours each. Both delivery options include 5-hours of coaching.
  • PWA Workshop Cost: $995 for the first Strategist/Consult; $495 for each additional (up to three)
    • Travel, room & board expenses not included for on-site delivery
    • Additional Coaching at $100/hour with a 5-hour minimum


  •  The Readiness Assessment is recommended for L&D teams considering Strategist/Consultant roles for the first time
  • The Readiness Assessment establishes current state benchmarks related to legacy best practices and functional capabilities including:
    • Organizational environment and cultural impacts at Point-of-Work
    • Leadership, communications, social learning, collaboration, skills & capabilities by functional role
    • Task-centric, role-specific, workflows, process & methods used by functional role from discovery/assessment practices to design/development/delivery methods 
    • Primary and secondary training/learning solution content; maintenance protocols; resource accessibility; relevance & effectiveness at Point-of-Work
    • Technology, systems and tools used by L&D for design, development, solution delivery, and enterprise technology & systems used by knowledge workers to collaborate in learning across, formal, informal and social venues.
    • Evaluation and performance impact measurement practices for analytics tracked, analyzed, and reported by L&D
  • The Readiness Assessment findings recommend next steps for successful L&D integration and adoption of a Point-of-Work Solution Discipline. 
  • Readiness Assessment Cost: $5,000 + based on agreed upon scope and size of L&D team to be assessed. Includes up to 3-PWA Workshop seats and 5-hours of coaching

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