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Learning By Living – Short Stories & Book Projects

Birthday Dawn

Since I’ve taken the retirement path I find myself largely unsupervised with plenty of time on my hands, and at the same time, finding enough time to optimize my unsupervised status as a stretch effort. I’m honestly uncertain how that will happen. 

Below is a list of the stories I’ve written; some are humorous; some are serious; some are part of twisted experiences; outright fantasy; or part of my core truths.  So…from institutions like Waffle House; to the perils of the Great Dismal Swamp; to an in-law’s road trip driving a U-Haul; to rollerblading disasters; the occasional bitch-slap by the Holy Spirit; to places/adventures not yet experienced…or survived…I offer up a few stories that I hope will put a smile on your face and warm your heart., so dig in and enjoy! Love to hear your thoughts and reactions, good, bad, or ugly, so leave a comment if you are so moved.

And remember how we all Learn By Living…are forgiven by a loving God…as we are tasked to forgive in return…

Check back here as more stories will be added as they are written…

Brain Farts & Other Anomalous Thoughts – Yeah, it’s twisted

Confessions of a Performance Ninja – New Book Just Published

Mirror, Mirror – What else is in your reflection?

Reluctant Princess – No control over a foreign spirit within

It Starts with Me – Look in the mirror

Escape Artist – Finding joy is a process

Confession of Lust – Undeserved grace

My Last Battle – Flashback or fantasy?

Is It Really That Cold? – Historical truth – Just ask the monkey

Putting a Tom Cat Into a Pet Carrier: 28-Easy Steps – Yeah right…easy…

Waiting For the 9:29 – A story triggered by a visit to an old abandoned train station in Virginia

Scattered & Smothered – A Waffle House moment I’ll never forget

Road Trip to Beckley – A moving adventure with family

Momentum: A Fat Man’s Dilemma – 270lbs, wheels on feet, 5% incline, and gravity are a recipe for disaster

Let Sleeping Dogs…err…Moccasins Lie – Fishing in the Great Dismal Swamp when stupid shows up…without the net

Possum Wars – Being at the top of the food chain is not really an advantage

T.G.I.G.F. – The Agony We Miss 10.0 – No more turning away

Thickness of Relationship  – Even when ignored

A little back story for context…

My grandfather was a master storyteller and after hearing some of the whoppers my father spun…and some of mine shared to my own kids…methinks I’ve been blessed…or maybe I should say…cursed…with the same predilection. Add in a twisted sense of humor and there is a very real potential I can find a story in just about anything…and have some of them posted here. Some are a little off-color, but every one told is based upon real life; a little faith; a little supernatural; and other things imagined in my life in this world.

We learn something every day, or maybe I should rephrase that; we have the opportunity to learn something every day. That has been the case for me anyway, and my track record of accepting every opportunity to actually learn anything could easily be called into question. There are times when we learn at the hands of consequences from choices we make; other learning gets thrust upon us whether we were prepared for it, deserved it, ignored it for as long as possible, or just plain were blind to it altogether. Somewhere in that mix is the blessing of having “free will” to choose, often at our own peril or stupidity.

My objective here is to generate a smile…touch a heart…and when a laugh-out-loud surfaces, it is pure bonus. We should strive to live life intentionally and take every opportunity to laugh at it, even when some of the most hilarious moments are a product of our own mistakes, and on occasion, outright stupidity. But then, such is life, and by sharing those insane moments in my life that I’ve managed to survive, I just might bring a smile to a face I’ll never see and warm a heart I’ll never know. That’s okay though, because I put these things out there for somebody…anybody…to read and find an opportunity to laugh at living life, even if it’s mine.

Where do I find these moments? Sometimes they are not sought out intentionally; they just seem to find me. I do not start out intending to write about things that happen to me, but at some point after I’ve been able to look back and reflect, I find a story waiting to be told. At times the Holy Spirit drops some creativity my way that smacks of faith…so I’ll share it like any Follower should.

Take good care!



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