Point-of-Work Assessment (PWA)

Every organization owns a dynamic Learning Performance Ecosystem where the workforce learns and works by performing tasks by functional role. The most significant component of every ecosystem, regardless of business discipline, is where measurable business outcomes are generated –


While measurable business outcomes and value are generated at Point-of-Work there are several other outcomes not as desirable:

  • Delays and rework due to user errors and mistakes
  • Loss of key accounts or clients
  • Lost sales and poor service/product support
  • Exposure to business liability
  • Creation of material waste
  • Turnover due to employee frustration

Obviously, there are other tangible negatives not listed here that impact the bottom line of any business. The common denominator remains the same – all these losses manifest at or in proximity to Point-of-Work.

If Point-of-Work represents ground zero for positive and negative business outcomes and value generation, establishing Current State Benchmarks specific to the learning performance ecosystem should be an in-house, high priority, capability within the organization.

This current state benchmark capability is called POINT-of-WORK ASSESSMENT (PWA)

PWA represents a repeatable methodology designed to assess the interdependent moving parts to every ecosystem that enable or restrain performance at Point-of-Work.

PWA enables a scalable methodology appropriate for responding to individual training projects and/or for addressing large, enterprise-wide initiatives to establish current state benchmarks across six core Ecosystem Discovery Targets as described below:



NOTE: The Ecosystem Performance Attributes in the above graphic are a sample collection specific to a single organization although many are common to all regardless of business operations. Ecosystem Categories are common denominators and cross-industry agnostic. Performance Attributes are identified during senior level alignment based upon critical relevance and impact potential specific to the target organization.

Following is a sample PWA client deliverable showing Current State Practices and a Transition Road Map to Future State. This sample is only one deliverable illustration specific to Performance Support Adoption readiness.


PWA is the first tactical step in adopting a strategic re-think – a reorientation from long-held, deeply embedded traditions of the existing Training Paradigm. Current thinking promotes Training as a solution to drive workforce performance and business outcomes. While Training solutions can contribute to performance, the more frequent result takes the form of POTENTIAL. No real value is generated, compromised or lost until the workforce has completed training and confronted with individual moments of need at Point-of-Work.

The strategic re-think related to PWA is not a project…not a piece of software…nor is it a technology; instead, PWA reveals foundational information promoting a cultural commitment to a Point-of-Work Paradigm that targets ground zero as Point-of-Work and builds holistic solutions that encompass the dynamics of the entire learning performance ecosystem. In other words, the Point-of-Work Paradigm requires an evolved approach…an evolved discipline – a Point-of-Work Solution Discipline called DRIVER.

See the DRIVER Point-of-Work Solution Discipline for details

See Engagement for details on Point-of-Work Paradigm adoption options

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