It’s always a challenge to begin building a new skill set; expanding an older more comfortable competency; or trying to build into a new paradigm. Too many resources to choose from have always been a barrier to me. What’s been helpful is finding someone who’s gone down that path and experienced resources under live fire. That may be a mentoring relationship or simply footprints that have gone before me and formed a path. That’s exactly what I’m hoping to share through Living In Learning’s MyLibrary.

The focus here will primarily be zeroed in on Performance Support [PS] and topics that relate or are complimentary in nature. I’ve chosen the PS path because it is a passion of mine. I’ve been in the corporate L&D field long enough to see that the Training paradigm is perfect if Training is all we need to do in our L&D role. Maybe that worked yesterday.

Convergence of learning and support with WORK has changed the rules of engagement and have blown the doors off the Training paradigm. I’m not so much an early adopter as I am one who hates seeing my chosen profession falling short. I lived through the paradigm shift ten years ago and drank the Kool-Aid of Performance Support to survive a chaotic ERP implementation. PS as a discipline changed “survive” to “thrive” and I’ve never looked back…and…I’ve been struggling ever since with why so few in the L&D discipline aren’t flocking to adopt the PS discipline.

The time to change has come and I’m convinced that is a shift to a Performance paradigm and that’s the not-so-subtle orientation you will find in MyLibrary.

My radicalization around the pursuit of Performance Support and formal Performance Consulting training happened in 2004, and during that time I’ve acquired several books that I consider required reading. I’ve pulled these together under MyLibrary and have each book linked to the associated page at in the event you would like to read content details and/or make a purchase.

I expect this page will grow over time with more related reading and resources. If you follow Living In Learning, you’ll receive notifications of new additions here as well as posts, rants and the occasional story that adds no value beyond hanging a smile across your lips.

If you have other book or resource favorites you’ve discovered in your own practice, let me know, and I’ll add them to the list, or just plug them into a comment. I will continue to add to this list over time as I discovery more about what I did not know that I don’t know…

Take good care!


Go to – MyLibrary – Books

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