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Embedded Performer Support & the World of MOOCs

<RANT> I read a very good article this morning from Jeanne Meister on the subject of MOOCs in the Corporate L&D world – “How MOOCs Will Revolutionize Corporate Learning And Development”, and could not agree more with what she wrote. At the same time, I found something that hopefully had been tucked in between the lines, but I feel is worth calling out and raising the visibility of an important aspect to be included in any Corporate  L&D MOOC – Embedded Performer Support [EPS]…imagine that coming from me. If we…

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Embedded Performer Support – A New Discipline

We were eating lunch on a Wednesday when the elevator music was disrupted with an urgent announcement, “This is a code yellow alert! – Repeat – This is a code yellow alert!” My colleagues and I snatched for the laminated cards that hung around our necks and determined that a “code yellow” meant there was a hazardous materials spill in the building and we were to evacuate immediately. We did. No one was injured. We had the perfect EPS application available to us at the right time. (more…)

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Tin Can & Performer Support – “Just Enough – Just in Time – Just for Me”

Every now and then I make it to a Training Industry conference that I can truthfully say was worth the trip. Learning 3.0 in Chicago this past week was one such conference. The title of this post is an example of one of those sound bites you hear and go, “Yeah, I get that!” This represents a very appropriate sound bite that describes Performance Support (PS) from several essential perspectives and the boon of what Tin Can brings to the table. This post hopefully can provide some illustrations to confirm…

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The False Promise of Training as a Driver of Performance

Certainly, this title may sound like blasphemy to some of us in the training business. On the other hand, it may be even more of a shock to those who depend upon those of us in the training business to drive performance in the organization. Following is a deceptively simple formula that illustrates why a successful training solution may render a false promise of improved performance: (more…)

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