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POINT-of-WORK ASSESSMENT:  Content & Resources

As we progress through the Point-of-Work Assessment, in previous snippets we’ve considered performance attribute clusters specific to Environment & Culture – People & Capability – Workflows & Processes. Hopefully, you’ve seen a degree of overlap and interdependencies among these three clusters. This snippet describes the importance of Content & Resources the Knowledge Worker relies upon to optimize their individual performance at the task-centric and role-specific levels. Assessing attributes across critical Content & Resources overlaps directly with Workflows & Processes although is more specific to efficient accessibility and effective application at…

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POINT-of-WORK ASSESSMENT:   Workflows & Processes

This snippet from the Point-of-Work Assessment (PWA) Workshop is unique because the attributes associated with WORKFLOWS & PROCESSES follow two parallel tracks. The first track relates to understanding relevant task-centric, role-specific work attributes that either drive or restrain productivity and performance at multiple Points-of-Work from the Knowledge Worker’s experiences and perspectives. The second track relates to restraining impacts to productivity and performance that surface at Moments of Need and within workflows at Points-of-Work that call for five additional Performance Outcomes owned and implemented by L&D. These Outcomes are similar yet…

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Is There a Learning Performance Ecosystem Blind Spot?

There were 22-souls in the breakout session looking at me expectantly. It was 4PM of day 2 of LSCon in Orlando, and they were as fried as I was. At least we were only 60-minutes away from adult beverages in the networking event to follow. The butterflies were in my belly as usual, but I’d at least succeeded to coax them into flying formation and pulled the trigger, “How many of you here today feel your organization has a dynamic learning performance ecosystem in place today? By show of hands…how…

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Treat Point-of-Work Like Point-of-Impact…Because It’s the Same Place

March 11, 2019 - by Gary G. Wise Saturday evening a thought crossed my mind and I posed it as a question on LinkedIn. As of this Monday morning, over 2,700 views indicate that maybe I’m not alone with this same thought. Here is the post from Saturday – “What if we broke tradition and L&D became Learning & Performance...L&P... where the focus was zeroed in on performance results at Point-of-Work where real results matter?” Comments and dialogue threads are all positive and encouraging enough to convince me a strategic…

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Chasing Productivity or Accelerating Productivity?

We (L&D) spend a great deal of time and resources to transfer knowledge and boost workforce capability through training solutions. We scramble to innovate; to build more, better, faster solutions that can only be consumed at a standstill...off-task...out of the workflow...restraining the very thing we chase - Productivity. Accelerating Productivity implies forward motion and the context where this motion should occur is where Productivity is optimized - Point-of-Work. (more…)

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Is Your L&D Function Equipped to Be a Disrupter…or a Disruptee?

“Disruption” is getting a lot of airplay of late…and rightly so, even if you only consider the disruption of transitioning enterprise systems (Digital Transformation) to the cloud. The implications to L&D are enormous when you consider the L&D team owns end-user readiness and tasked to ensure sustained capability at Point-of-Work. The question becomes one of “Do we (L&D) aggressively pursue proactive readiness, or…do we react to deployment training shortfalls after it shifts to implementation and the journey to full adoption while bottom-line business value is at a very real risk?”…

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POINT-of-WORK: Diversity of Disruption

Learning Performance Continuum

Whether or not to move an organization’s technology infrastructure to the cloud appears to be more of a question of “when” to begin the move; not a question of “if” it makes sense to make the move. Take Digital Transformation as an example, though spoken as a single phrase, is by no means a singular event; in fact, transitioning to the cloud is phase-worthy, hugely complex, and typically spread over a couple of years of diverse disruptions due the enormity of the move. While IT resources shoulder a great deal…

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CONTENT CURATION:  Are We After Knowledge, Wisdom or Insights?

The obvious answer is, “All three, right?” It starts with curation, and rapid adoption of content curation across our L&D discipline is both encouraging to see and frightening to comprehend. The frightening part, based on my own curation experiences, and as an observer of the curation process, is how easily we create bulk information to serve as initial knowledge. Given the exponential growth of information sources and powerful search capabilities like Google at our disposal, a bulk-curated information tsunami is inbound…if not already on the beach.  We’ve effectively curated ourselves…

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PERFORMANCE INSIGHTS: An Insight-Powered, Critical-Thinking Engine

Great…another technology to consider, right? That pretty much summed up my first reaction too, and then I gained a significant moment of insight of my own. This new cloud-based discovery enables strategic knowledge acquisition; collaborative wisdom & knowledge-sharing essential for effective critical-thinking at the Moment of Need through next generation curation technology. Being a big fan of Point-of-Work technology, I initially imagined redundancy but that feeling of overlap and a personal flashback of “What could’ve been?” served as motivation to dig a little deeper into why Performance Insights are different…

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