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Point-of-Work Self-Assessment Survey – (PWSAS)

The Point-of-Work Self-Assessment Survey (PWSAS) is an iterative, holistic, top-down assessment tool that dramatically exceeds the scope of discovery covered in traditional Training Needs Assessment (TNA). Specifically, TNA discovery limits focus to only one cluster of attributes – People/Capability – where knowledge, skills and capability reside. This means the TNA assesses 1/5 of the Learning Performance Ecosystem…which is comprised by five (5) additional performance restrainer attribute clusters. (See Figure 1)

Ecosystem Performance AttributesFigure 1

Key objective of the PWSAS reveals a holistic current state of readiness to perform across a dynamic ecosystem in the context of disparate performance restrainers that Training cannot impact.

PWSAS current state findings are then used to change the conversation from Training as routine solutions…to dynamic Learning Performance Solutions. That “changed conversation” enables validation and prioritization of targets for optimization within the ecosystem based on critical business factors like urgency, risk, liability, and potential of other compromised measurable impacts. (See Figure 2)

Change Conversation
Figure 2

PWSAS is designed for top-down, iterative administration across multiple management levels and functional roles that may include:

  • Leadership (top-down from senior to line-level managers/supervisors)
  • Individual Contributors (performers) by discrete roles at multiple Points-of-Work 
  • Operational Stakeholders (may be a role subset of Leadership)
  • Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and/or Business Matter Experts (BMEs) (may be role subsets of Leadership and/or Individual Contributors)

PWSAS is a survey-driven pre-design effort that informs Intentional Design where deeper task-centric, role-specific assessment targets have been validated and prioritized at key Workflows at multiple Points-of-Work. Intentional Design implies an expanded blend of learning performance solutions for application and delivery at multiple Points-of-Work.

PWSAS Deliverables

  • PWSAS is delivered on-line and contains +/-50 survey questions*
  • Response analysis produces graphical data shown in the Sample Survey  
  • Response comparisons mapped across multiple levels and roles surveyed
  • Response data are suitable for validation and prioritization at appropriate Leadership levels and downward in a cascade to include Individual Contributors 
  • Response data in Excel format and suitable for sorting  

* Sample survey questions (49) are provided in the link below and should be customized based on initial alignment and scoping efforts. 


  • The PWSAS pricing is negotiated on a case-by-case basis and based upon scope as defined by the number of survey levels required and total number of surveys deployed. A free consultation is offered to define scope for an accurate quotation.
  • Response analysis and role comparisons are included in the PWSAS quote.
  • Point-of-Work Coaching post-PWSAS is available at $80/hour with a 5-hour minimum.  Additional Coaching hours available in 5-hour blocks.

PWSAS Sample

The link below shows sample survey results from a single role at the Individual Contributor level. Multiple roles and/or business functions would receive their own iteration to enable comparison and parsing for prioritization purposes.

030620-PWA_ Survey_SORT_PDF

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