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POINT-OF-WORK: The Impact of Interdependencies & Ripple Effects

In my most recent Point-of-Work knowledge share with the Western Michigan ATD Chapter in Grand Rapids, Michigan, I confirmed successful implantation of a few seeds of new thinking and more than a few seeds of reflection that said, “Holy new paradigms, Batman!” I saw evidence of more questions than could be addressed in our short time together. One unasked question showed up on faces when I mentioned the significance of determining ‘interdependencies’ in a learning performance ecosystem when pursuing a Point-of-Work Assessment (PWA). “Why is that important?” was the unasked…

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INTENTIONAL DESIGN: It’s About Providing Support Under Fire

This choice of title may be an indication I’ve been reading too many Alex Berenson novels, but it rang true this morning, so it is what it is. Intentional Design has nothing to do with “black ops” or covert military or clandestine operations: but I must confess there may be elements best executed more “covertly” than “overtly” at least until adoption has proven its worth with evidence of sustained impact. Intentional Design is NOT a new design methodology. We have plenty good ones…like 5 Moments of Need, 70:20:10 and SAM…

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